Selecting Appropriate Small Bathroom Fixtures Is Crucial to Get the Ideal Effect


Small bathroom renovation project can seem less expensive on materials because of the limited space, but finding proper sized fixtures becomes daunting. Many fixtures for the bathroom are available, but everything does not work well in a small space.

Towel bars

Basically, towel bars width starts from 23” and goes up. For small bathroom, you need to look for width between 7” to 17”. This can accommodate a single average size towel. You can install a separate bar on top for hand towel.

If you need towel bar to hang two towels then swing arm bars or double towel bars can be the best solution for a narrow bathroom.


A 3-piece faucet set looks bulky, so replace it with single lever faucet. You get more sink and counter space. Single lever faucets are available in different styles for better selection.

Similarly, replace tub and shower faucets. You get more usable space with simple and minimal fixtures. A handheld shower is more versatile in a small bathroom. Remember installing a single lever tap in sink having 3-holes may need plates to hide the excess holes.


Compact option for Smart Style Bathrooms is pedestal and wall hung sinks. Choose a rectangular shape, so as to reduce the footprint of sink in the small bathroom. Sink sets, which are below 22”, can be suitable for the compact space.

Vanity base

You can opt for single vanity sink less than 20” wide. Rectangular shaped vanity with long width is suitable. Double vanities start at 31” and move above. Besides you can even choose corner vanity, so as to use the corners and leave space alongside the wall.


Limited space does not mean you need to use dreary light fixtures. Appropriate type, size, and placement of lights can create a style. However, it should be based on the space available.

If you find that the wall space besides the vanity is more, then install two small wall scones on each side. In case, there is no space then install a single swing arm lamp over the vanity. You can even suspend a mini-pendant from the ceiling.

Storage options

Storage in the bathroom needs a little brainstorming and creativity. You get several storage options to consider.

  • Medical cabinet
  • Over the toilet
  • Shelving
  • Wall-mounted accessories

Shower or bath

Small bathroom means space is premium. You desire both shower and bath then go for a combo unit. Enclose walk-in shower with seamless glass enclosure. Transparent barriers hardly take visual space as well as allows light to flow between shower and bathroom. The wall tiles stretched from bathroom area all the way into the shower area results in a large room illusion.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Mirror is an amazing feature, which will make a petite space feel large. If mirror is to be used to increase the size, it means you will use them as focal point then they should look beautiful like have a unique style or frame or shape. This will help to shift the focus away from the bathroom size.

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