Securing Access to Building and Construction Sites


There are many reasons why certain areas of land sometimes need to be cordoned off, whether it be for a public event, such as a concert, or a marathon, and for the public safety, it is essential that the job is done properly. Building contractors and construction companies face exactly these issues all the time and understand that their areas are far more dangerous, and have to be extremely well secured from unauthorised access. The potential for an accident on a construction site is always going to be high, even when only the actual workers are present, but the risk gets far higher if members of the public can just wander through. Aside from the Safety regulations that contractors are bound to adhere to by law, keeping the site secure has other benefits too.

Cost Effective

Permanent fencing around a site is not often appropriate, but temporary fencing is swift to assemble, allows you to have secure areas within the site itself, and acts as a deterrent to people thinking about entering the area. Unfortunately theft has always been a problem with construction sites, but a good fencing solution provides you with good levels of security, for your materials and equipment, as well as keeping unwanted visitors out. Having a good secure perimeter can make the difference between a successful and profitable project and one which brings drama and problems.

Information and Publicity

The fencing solution, once in place, provides a perfect billboard from where you can provide notices of the construction activity, as well as warnings about safety. It also gives you the opportunity to publicise and market the project that you are working on, thus generating early interest from potential buyers and investors. Additionally, should you be looking for staff, it gives you a platform upon which to provide details of what you are looking for quickly and very economically.

Control over Site Operations

Security fencing allows you to control all access points in and out of the site, and to sub section off certain areas, which are particularly sensitive or potentially dangerous, ensuring that workers and visitors to the site are only able to gain access to the specific areas for which they are authorised. Similar to home security gates from Leeds to Lands’ End, site access gates are sturdily constructed, and come in a range of sizes, so specific areas can be accessed only by individual people one at a time, or larger gates can allow vehicle access in, at the point most convenient for the project, and most friendly to traffic issues in the area.

Insurance and Liability

As every contractor knows, public liability is something that cannot be ignored, and will want to ensure that they are as compliant with all health and safety regulations as possible. Your fencing and access points need to be totally secure, so it is highly advisable to ensure your fencing contractor is very experienced and has fully trained staff, to erect it, check it and ensure it is regularly inspected. There is a broad range of options available, designed for many different requirements, which your local professional can offer you, to keep your property or workplace secure.


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