Replacing Your Outdated AC Unit


Your air conditioning system worked for you without any trouble for years, but it may be time to have it replaced with something newer and more efficient. Most air conditioning systems are not designed to live more than ten years, even if you properly maintain and service them. Ten years is also a long period of time, and it is likely that new, more efficient models are now available that could significantly reduce the cost of energy consumption in your home.


The average lifespan of an air conditioning unit is at most 15 years, and it could simply be about time for you to consider a replacement. If you recently bought and moved into a new home built about 10 or so years ago, it is likely that the AC unit installed right now is the same unit installed when the property was built. To save yourself a great deal of money, especially since heating and cooling can account for 44 percent of a utility bill, it may be time to consider having a new system installed.

You may also need new air conditioning installation simply because your system is outdated and using old methods of keeping your home comfortable. Older systems utilise R22, a Freon refrigerant, which is already in the process of being phased out over the next several years to accommodate new environmental protection regulations. Replacing this outdated material is costly and becoming increasingly difficult to source, meaning you might benefit more from a new system in the long run.

Noise and Dust

A constant layer of dust inside your property is a clear sign that there are leaks in your ductwork, which can be potentially harmful to the health of anyone living inside the property. Such leaks compromise the efficiency of your system and can increase the cost of operating the machinery. If you begin to notice your air conditioner creating more noise than usual, it is likely that the system is inadequately sized to suit the size of your property and is in need of replacement. Or you could have a problem with the indoor coil.

Rising Cost

Even with summer and warmer weather right around the corner, it is unlikely that your utility bills will see a sudden spike in price. Alternatively, the price increase could happen gradually as the efficiency of your outdated machine suffers, leaving you with higher and higher utility bills over time. If you find yourself dreading that monthly bill each month, it may simply be time to get a new and improved AC system installed in your property.

The monthly costs after the replacement should quickly begin to show a reversal, leaving you with a more comfortable bill. Such a reversal should gradually increase over time until you see your monthly energy costs reduced by 20 percent or more, which can make an enormous difference. You deserve to feel at ease using your own AC system, especially if you have young children in the home that would benefit from a comfortable environment.

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