Remove Mice without Delay


It may surprise you to learn that many home and business owners do not immediately react when mice are spotted inside their properties but this will nearly always result in further costs and even property damage. Mice procreate quickly and a single mating pair may produce hundreds of offspring and several generations in just a matter of months. This will put your entire property at risk, particularly if you store food in dark location such as a pantry where the mice gather and attempt to find their way to your non-perishable goods while you sleep.

The Damage

  • Mice continuously look for a source of food and they contaminate any food they come into contact with by leaving droppings, fur, and urine wherever they travel.
  • The choice to hire Longfield pest control will also help you to prevent the spread of disease, a serious risk that you allow to grow every moment that you do not attack the problem head-on.
  • As mentioned, mice breed quickly and will overrun your entire household in a relatively short period of time, which will result in much higher extermination costs.

Property Damage

Mice reproduce quickly and must thus find a comfortable location to build a nest. They often create the next with items of your clothing or pieces of wood chewed off your building. These pests also chew through electrical wire, a fact that will increase the risk of a fire breaking out within your home or business. You cannot afford that type of frustration. You never want to wake in the middle of the night to find smoke already gathered inside your bedroom.


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