Refacing Cabinets – A Money Saving project


When the time comes for renovation, there are things that cannot be easily replaced; such as kitchen cabinets. Indeed, it is possible to refinish your cabinet – it is an expert’s job and very far from a do it yourself task. However, cabinet Refacing Waldorf is something that can be easily done by a professional at very little cost in comparison to completely replacing the cabinet

You need to know if you are indeed happy with the style and design of your cabinet. If otherwise, then consider hiring The Contractors Inc for a professional cabinet Refacing. Prior to carrying out the Refacing process you may want to inspect the conditions of your cabinets. Carefully inspect the corner joints for tightness, the drawers and doors for smooth operation and movement. Do not forget to look under the sinks for any water damage. If you discover squeaks, tear and water damage in parts of your cabinet, The Contractors Inc will have no problem fixing and replacing these parts.

While at it, have a look at the accessories for the interior cabinets. Take advantage of the refacing and update the interior of your cabinets with modern accessories like a lazy Susan, recycling or trash drawer, pull out drawers and pot/pan racks and any other trending accessories available. To get that new look and feel you so much crave for, you may want to consider changing all or the majority of your cabinet hardware.

When you finally decide on the look you want to get, your professional can give you great ideas on the ideal color and cabinet door to use.They offer the ideal application methods and the best finish to achieve the perfect cabinet refacingresult. If on the contrary you are considering a DIY approach, the perfect place to get the best information about this will be a paint supply store where their employees specialize in handling similar kinds of painting jobs regularly. Keep in mind that since you are just refacing the cabinet, you will end up saving thousands of dollars when compared to having it replaced. Therefore, it is pertinent that you spend some of the savings on top quality paints and primers as well as the best tools to accomplish the job. This will ensure that you get the best results that will produce a finish capable of withstanding the day to day rigors most cabinets must pass through.

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