Redo Your Home with Style: Paint and Décor


There may come a time when you feel the need to redo rooms in your home. There can be many different things that you may want to change when you tire of the space. You may choose to add some colour or a few new accessories. You can hire a professional to make the entire space come together. They usually know exactly where to find the perfect furniture, throw pillows, and art.


You may want to change the colour completely of one room or of several. When a decorator comes in, he or she can help you determine how to best complement the items that you plan to keep. You may need to work around a large furniture item, such as a couch. You can change a colour theme without getting rid of everything you own. An experienced painter and decorator in West Kilbride can come up with a plan to fit your space and style.  Many things in a room can be changed to make it look new.

  • Artwork
  • Accessories
  • Paint colour


There are many accessories in a room that can bring out certain colours or patterns. Your decorator can help you add new items to make the room unique. End tables, decorative picture frames, and coordinating throw blankets can change a room without going over budget.

Your home should be a place you can enjoy. Take the time to consult with a decorator before you make any final decisions. They may have some great ideas to offer.



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