Rapid Wasp Removal Services


Love them or loathe them, wasps are synonymous with summer and from spring to autumn a colony can house up to 25000 wasps, from the queen to her succession of workers. As autumn takes hold, they become drowsy which can prove frustrating and a little dangerous for the humans around them.  If you suspect that you have unwanted guests just follow their flightpath, it should direct you to their nest, but please don’t go near, it could be a painful experience!

Wasps create their nests by chewing wood pulp and the saliva-pulp combination gives their homes a papery, often ornate, appearance.

  • The queen carries the seeds of several male wasps through winter hibernation.
  • She wakes as the temperature increases and her first task is to find a new nest location, they never use an old nest.
  • She lays around 10-20 eggs which hatch into larvae and pupa before becoming wasps.
  • The queen devotes herself to procreation, the workers care for her offspring.
  • As the weather becomes cooler most wasps die. The queen restarts the process.

Don’t worry, wasps have short lifespans so if you discover a wasp nest on your property, it’s not the full 25000 that need to be tackled by pest control wasp nests specialists. By late summer it’s like to be around 10000. It may feel like you’re under constant attack but unless they feel threatened they won’t sting you. Unfortunately, by autumn they may misread a situation and think that they’re at risk.

The problem lies with their food sources, as the summer ends their previously abundant stock of sweet nectar declines which is why wasps tend to hone in on your food.

To get rid of wasps fast please call in professional and experienced specialists from a local firm like Pest Control Berkshire. Response can be within an hour.

Whilst it’s tempting to try cheap and cheerful methods, over the counter chemical treatments and pick up tips from the internet this is often counterproductive. Remember, the wasps sting to defend themselves and removing them is a huge threat to their survival, they will react accordingly. One aggressive wasp is frightening enough for many people and whilst they don’t swarm like bees, why enrage a colony?

Specialist’s proficiency and training in wasp nest removal means that you can avoid being stung repeatedly or injuring yourself during the removal. Did you know that wasps can sting the day after they die? If you touch or walk on one, you’ll feel it. Females can sting repeatedly and the queen is approximately 3 times the size of the workers. Only she can reproduce, the other females are infertile.

Another key element to get rid of wasps fast is that the aim is not to kill them but to relocate them to a more suitable place where they won’t be a nuisance.  They are vital to the health of the ecosystem and without their pest control assistance it would cost billions of pounds to replicate their activities.

Contact a leading pest control wasp nests firm to stay safe.

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