Potential Places Around Your Home for Mosquito Breeding


You might be enjoying wonderful weather with your family, but you never know that there is danger of an infection ready to spread from anywhere. The mosquitoes around you may be the reason for the diseases to spread.

Therefore, it is necessary that you are aware of the mosquito breeding places in and around your home so that you can tackle them at the earliest with no delay. If you are looking any service which helps in mosquito control in St. Louis, then Amco Ragner is the company you must look for. They provide you a great service in eliminating the mosquito breeding places around your area and help you live in a clean and a hygienic atmosphere.

Some of the common places where you are likely to find the mosquitoes around your house are –

Air conditioners

Mosquitoes love to thrive in areas where they get moisture. They tend to fly to areas where there is a little bit of moisture. Hence, the most prone place to have moisture are air conditioners of your place. You are sure to find at least some mosquitoes lurking around the place at one point of time or another.

Some ways in which you can prevent mosquitoes from breeding in AC’s are as follows –

  • Keep the air conditioners empty and change the water regularly.
  • Do not keep water when you are not using it.
  • Make sure you add camphor in the water from time to time.
  • Dry the mesh and the hemp in the sunlight whenever possible.

Plants and pots

Just as the air conditioner gives mosquitoes the necessary moisture, the soil in which the plants thrive too have moisture in them which becomes an attraction for the mosquitoes.

There are people who grow plants inside their houses, this gives a way for the mosquitoes to enter the house and thrive there. Hence, you need to make sure that the mosquitos do not lurk around over the water placed in the plates and remove any excess water that gathers in it.


Gutters and bathroom outlets in the house are most prone areas for mosquitoes. This is because the dirt is deposited there and also has necessary moisture. It is also a perfect place for other insects to thrive in the region.

Make sure that you clean the gutter of your house on a regular basis and keep the mosquitoes and other insects away from your property. You must remove any excess blockage in the pipe and ensure that the passage remains clean.


Hence, you need to ensure certain ways to keep the surrounding clean and especially the above-mentioned places which are most prone to mosquitoes thriving in your area. Make sure that you keep these places as dry as possible and this will stop the mosquitoes from entering in your house. The drier, the least they would be attracted to live there and hence, this would ensure you as well as your family are safe.

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