Planning a winter move, here are some amazing tips for safety and ease


Moving when the sun is bright and up in the sky is the best way to ensure a safe move. However irrespective of how the sun is behaving, you have to move, when you have to move.

Moreover, the longer you stretch the moving schedule, the more you get stressed and worked up with the long list of things to-do. Also, at times the conditions are so emergent that you have to make a move, irrespective of the weather and this is how most of the winter moves are planned and executed.

If something like this has compelled you to make a quick move in the month of cold temperatures, you definitely need expert guidance to make your winter move a complete success. In this blog, we have dedicated our expertise in offering you moving tips and tricks for a stress-free winter move.

  • Smart packing is the key:

Moving in the winter calls for an exclusive packing with weather proofing the possessions in the core. Not only your belongings. But. You too should dress smart to fight any unpredictable change in the weather.

Know the climate of the area you are moving to, and whether it is a high precipitation area or features extremely cold temperatures, you must have a lot of plastic bags, wraps and bins with you. Packing the electronic appliances become very important as they are vulnerable to water damage. Make sure they are packed water-proof with layers of plastic sheets.

  • Prep up your vehicle:

No matter how well maintained your moving vehicle is, the weather can wreak havoc when it intends to. It is important to check the vehicle condition, prep it up for the move.

Make sure that the vehicle is in the best roadworthy condition; the tires are fine, there is a first aid kit, shovels to scrap the ice, and road salt for a break free move.

  • Know the weather:

Get hold of a reliable weather app and know the weather of your existing address as well as the new address you are moving too. If it is going to be a hailstorm, you must reschedule the move. So, it is important to make flexible arrangement and move swiftly. Try to move on a sunny winter day, as it will make your move smoother as well as warmer.

  • Light up the fire

As soon as you reach your new address, lit the fireplace and have a good, long, warming session. This will help you de-stress and start the unpacking and setting up the home in a new way.

  • Take limited stuff only

If you are moving haphazardly and do not have enough time to manage the winter move, you may hire storage units Louisville and keep your supplies, which you do not want immediately after reaching the new place, in the storage unit. These storage units have climate-control feature which offer top-notch security from the changing temperature and other climatic conditions.

So, now that you know the tricks for a successful winter move, enjoy packing and moving all your belongings when all the surroundings are cold and laden with snow.

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