Nine Ultimate Home Décor Secrets that will Enhance the Mood of your Living Space


Sometimes when it comes to home décor, there exist so many variations that can turn your home into a paradise. However, you may need help from experts to be able to recognize and experience these new designs. Our lives are ever changing, and the way of doing things is also evolving, and this is something that should be reflected in our living spaces. Changes are not always complex, a purchase of several new accessories and perhaps a painting may have a significant impact than you would ever think. On the other hand, major changes may also be necessary depending on your preferences, and they may include buying a whole set of furniture or remodelling the entire living space. The following are some simple secrets to help you change your living space to best reflect your personality and style.

  1. Break all Rules

This is a simple guideline by the famous interior designer, Billy Baldwin. According to Billy, most decorators will tell you that some decorations need not be changed. This is limiting, and there is nothing about home décor is conventional, all rules can be broken. It is more important to note that the décor in your home reflect your personality and your living style despite what other people think. However, it is important to make sure that things are not overdone and that there is a balance to ensure that the home does not become boring or too distracting.

  1. Avoid Pushing Furniture Up Against the Wall

This is according to Betsy Burnham, one of the greatest house design moguls in America, and she argues that pulling your seating arrangement even by few inches away from walls instantly warm-up your living space and create a flow. While most designers out there have their methods and tricks of transforming a room, one thing that they most agree on is that a home should feel comfy and represent the interest and passions of the dwellers. Therefore, with a well aerated and cozy living space, you can be guaranteed of a healthy living.

  1. Never forget your ceiling

According to Albert Hadley, a professional interior décor, ceilings are the most neglected sections of any living room. Most people consider their walls, furniture, and floors when they are decorating their homes. They rarely think what’s over their head and the influence it has on the overall living space. A ceiling has an important role especially when it comes to lighting up the living space. Bright ceiling help reflects both artificial and natural light coming from the bulbs or windows, adding depth and warmth to the room and this gives the place a whimsy touch.

  1. Use Pinches of Color to Keep Your Room Feeling Youthful and Engaging

This is one of the greatest advice from Christina Murphy who is among the top 100 interior designers in America. She believes that pinches of color make the room feel engaging and youthful. She derives this from observing people who are afraid of painting their walls with bright colors. She adds that colors do not have to be added on walls alone, but can be done on furniture and accessories. Investing on high end designer tables, pillows, lovely blankets, and vases can be an excellent opportunity to add a pop of color. It is essential to note that color does affect the mood and can make your living space energetic and joyous.

  1. Use Wallpapers in unexpected places

Just like Billy Baldwin, Lindsay Coral Harper also recommends that you break the rules when it comes to wallpapers. She says that you should add wallpapers in the most unexpected places of your living spaces. Lindsay claims that adding wallpapers in a closet, a paneled room, hallways or small foyers can deliver a prodigious twist. Finding the unexpected is what attracts and sparks beauty in our mind. Having a white hallway with unexpected colorful stairs or a formal dining room with colorful, patterned wallpaper on the ceiling can give an elegant feeling.

  1. Showcase your history in a unique way

Istvan Francer a designer and the director of Uniqlo is a famous interior designer States. Istvan Francer advice that one of the best ways to make your living space different from others is through the collections you have in it. It is important to showcase your possessions as a way to tell the world about your achievements, personality, and adventures through your living space. It gives a sense of belonging and self-worth. Mix the old and the new accessories across the living space as a way to show your personal history.

  1. Ensure Perfect Lighting at all time

A living space that is dark is always perceived dull and not lively. Natural light always works best. However, when it is limited, there should always be an alternative and sufficient artificial light source. Depending on your environment, some houses will have more natural light compared to others, and the light will also vary depending on the time of day. When the natural light reduces, it is important to find a way to supplement it with artificial light. Never at any time allow your sitting room to be dark as light makes it grow and bring warmth.

  1. Use accessories to make a statement

Austin Warner once said that, in any living space, using accessories can be the simplest way to make a statement. Accessories are one of the best ways to unite all decors together. They have the capability to pull all the pieces together to give your space a more elegant and a finished look. Obtaining a good TV stand or getting those highend designer tables can be a way of adding a personal touch to your living space and as a way to tell your own life story.

  1. Design is not Marriage

Ross Cassidy explains in her lifestyle blog that you should never be afraid of trying something new with you living space, you can always change it whenever you want. Decorating does not have to be serious every time, and you should repaint or rearrange the furniture whenever and how you feel like. You are not married to your house décor; thus, you’re not limited to one design and arrangement. It is good not to be too serious with the living space, have fun with it time to time.

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