Myths About Construction Debunked


You may believe that the construction industry has been the butt of many jokes, rumours and myths over the years while even though some of these jokes are slightly funny the misconceptions and myths surrounding this particular sector have actually been detrimental to the public image of the construction business. Indeed, the creation of these myths around the construction industry has seen several creative and talented people choose to work in different sectors, leaving the construction industry short of good staff. However, a number of the people who work in the construction industry are the most creative and talented employees who enjoy their jobs and contribute to the construction of some amazing buildings.

Creative employees needed

In the modern world, the employment market is competitive while the shortage of talented and creative people to work in the construction industry is becoming an issue. Therefore, it is important that the myths around the industry are debunked to make sure that more motivated, talented and creative people choose to work in the construction industry in the future. Indeed, there will always be a need at Senate for good quality creative builders who are motivated to contribute to the construction industry.

If you can’t get another job work in construction

One of the largest myths surrounding the construction industry is the idea that workers who enter the construction business have no other choice as they are unskilled or not academically qualified. However, the truth of the matter is that people choose to work in the construction industry because it pays comparatively well with large amounts of overtime as well as offering all national holidays and the chance to contribute to building something that will last for longer than most people’s lives.

No room for promotion

Another myth surrounding the construction industry is that it is a dead-end job for unskilled people and that there is no possible way to achieve anything in life or to get ahead of the competition. This is blatantly not true, as there are significant opportunities to progress, especially in the fields of architecture and engineering. However, it must be noted that many construction workers do enter the industry as a result of their lack of academic or professional qualifications. A significant number of construction workers are happy to stay at this level, but the most important point is that they are happy in their work while motivated and happy employees always do a good job. Anyone looking to get a good start in the industry or promotion can find this in several construction companies.

Poorly educated workers

Another myth about the construction industry which is unfairly applied is that workers are poorly educated and that people who enter the industry have no other choice. Indeed, many people working in the construction industry may not have been academically good at school, but may have excelled in subjects including technical design, geometry or woodwork. Furthermore, even people who work in the construction industry without an academic background have plenty to learn on the job while an employee can gain knowledge about the construction industry at a college or day release course.

There is a lot of dirt and some danger involved in the construction business, but at the end of the day this particular industry creates some of the greatest buildings and innovative structures around the world.

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