Luxury Vinyl Tiles, they’re cheaper than you think!


Whether you’re considering new flooring for a residential or commercial property, you’ll probably be looking at keeping costs down as much as possible. However, you don’t have to compromise quality for an affordable solution.

Luxury vinyl tiles could be well within your budget, providing a cost-effective solution for your project. Not only are they hard-wearing and durable but pleasing to the eye too.

LVT provide effective insulation

One of the main benefits of LVT is they provide an effective insulation for heat and sound. This is great news for both commercial and residential buildings. Lower heating costs and a quieter environment are a huge bonus with LVT. This can make significant savings on energy bills over time, as well as create a pleasant space to live or work.

Quick and easy to clean

Unlike many other types of flooring, LVT are very easy to clean requiring no more than a quick wipe with a mop. Stubborn marks can be removed using special cleaning solutions for vinyl floors.

Polishing is simple and can be done on a regular basis to keep the tiles in good condition. If you’re going to fit vinyl tiles in premises such as hairdressing salons, then a special coating may be required.

Chemicals such as hair dyes or peroxide could damage the tiles. Never use abrasive cleaning materials on your vinyl flooring.

Wide variety of textures and designs

Luxury vinyl tiles are available in many different textures and colours. You can choose a pattern or colour to compliment your decor.

Ceramic or wood designs are very popular and far more durable than the real deal. Ceramic tiles are easily scratched, and real wood is a lot more expensive. If you’re in the hotel or leisure industry you may want to consider tartan carpets as an alternative to luxury vinyl tiles.

What types of luxury floor tiles are available?

There are 2 types of LVT. Self-adhesive are the easiest to fit, requiring no special tools or glue. You simply peel back an adhesive strip on the underside of the tile.

They are ideal for situations where using adhesives directly onto the floor isn’t suitable. Also, for buildings where high temperatures from direct sunlight are a frequent occurrence.

The second type of LVT is gluedown. Though as the name suggests requiring glue, they are thinner and more flexible.

This type of vinyl tile is suitable for uneven floors.

Preparing your floor

Before you fit vinyl floor tiles you’ll need to remove all previous soft flooring cover and vacuum up any loose dirt or debris. Fill in any holes or cracks to ensure a smooth surface and allow any dampness to dry out.

Residual moisture can cause the tiles to expand and contract in situations where room temperature varies a lot. Over time, you may start to notice gaps between the tiles as they pull apart.

Fitting LVT

Most LVT are fitted together by interlocking the tiles, providing a seamless and attractive flooring. No special tools are required making it easy for non-professionals to fit.

Remember, the most important part of fitting any flooring is the preparation. Don’t rush this stage. If necessary, seek professional advice as it could save you a lot of money.

Overall, LVT flooring is suitable for anyone and anywhere. It would be a great idea to invest, to ensure a happier space, wherever you are.

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