Light Up Your Home With A Spark


Liven up your home just in time for the holidays and spending time with family, gathered around a modern fireplace that incorporates beauty, warmth, and craft to bring everyone together. Spark Fires offers both indoor and outdoor fireplaces with fresh designs that will transform any space from ordinary to extraordinary. The architects who design Spark’s fireplaces pride themselves on their high-quality designs, innovation, incorporation of modern technology, and creativity to design a quality, crafted fireplace that will never go out of style.

The very stylish, modern indoor fireplace by Spark Fires is here to stay, unlike other design trends that come and go. Their fireplaces are user-friendly, built with quality materials and make a great focal point for any interior space. Traditional fireplaces are limited as far as where they can be placed. Spark Fire’s modern fireplaces can be placed virtually anywhere that can be vented, from lightweight, hangable designs to wall separators and linear burning systems.

For luxurious outdoor living, why not install an outdoor modern fireplace that sets the ambiance with a Spark as the center of your space? This is the perfect opportunity to show off contemporary architecture, or just highlight a beautiful feature of your yard like stonework or a built-in pool. Whatever you are trying to create in your yard, adding a Spark to your space will have you looking to spend most of your time outdoors.

The enchanting styles of both indoor and outdoor modern gas fireplaces define a space to create the ideal spot for entertaining. Adding a Spark to any area creates a sleek, contemporary focal point for entertaining family and guests. For a modern fireplace with endless design possibilities, contact Spark Fires today!

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