Know About the Best Pool Materials to Build Awesome Swimming Pools


A lot of factors have to be considered, if you are planning to build a pool in your premises. There are a range of materials used to construct pools, which are the vital elements to quote budget, search the installer specialised in making the desired pool style and whether the pool composed will be suitable in the outer environment surrounding your home.

Since last two decades there have been massive changes in customizing pools. The most popular modern trend in making pools is the strong fibreglass pools.

The main types are:

  • Concrete pools: This kind of pools is common, not budget friendly and need longer period of time to build. As the foundation has to be laid, framework has to be built, a base plate has to be constructed to give enough strength for the swimming pool not to break and other surface coating has to be done to give a smooth texture. As the concrete surface needs to be covered with smooth materials like mosaic, ceramic tiles or pool coating liner.

The outer cover even helps in preventing leakage. The best advantage of building pool in concrete is that you can shape the pool as desired. However, till every work of construction is fully finished you can’t take a dip in the pool as the floor may be slippery, water can’t be filled till the whole pool is checked by expert technicians.

  • Vinyl liner pools: It is a plastic pool made of thick polypropylene plates. It can be customised. However, most home owners like to have readymade pools. Available in a range of shape and sizes. You can opt for the desired colour too. To make the pool more reliable you need to construct base plate as well as surrounding walls. It is a bit cheaper compared to concrete based pools, thus affordable and reliable. However, if you prefer to have a stylish exclusive pool, then this kind isn’t suitable for your home.
  • Fibreglass pools: Commonly known as laminated pools are basically a composite pool made of glass and resin mixture and other materials in lesser proportions. The only drawback is its availability in limited range. If you prefer to have more stylish designed pool, then you need to opt for another kind. The advantages in installing the pools are its affordability as it doesn’t require brick foundation walls and you don’t have to wait for longer period of time to have the desired dip in pool.
  • Ceramic pools: Quite popularly customised since late 80s has been favourite of all home owners, who prefer to have nice appealing beautiful pool. The materials mainly used are ceramic layer and carbon fibre mat. Thus, made of extremely durable and water leakage resistant materials. The upper layer of the pool is mostly made of colourful and glittering substances, which enhances its beauty. The other features are smooth to touch, totally non-porous and help in keeping away microorganisms affecting the pool hygiene.

Presently, strong fibreglass pools are highly recommended to be bought from well known pool installers in your locality.

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