Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations Made Easy


Having that same old look can get boring! How about changing that kitchen or bathroom up a bit without breaking the bank? I want to give you some ideas that will make you want to renovate immediately! Where should you start? How far you should you ok? These are all common questions but don’t fret, I am here to help.

The Kitchen 

 The kitchen is a great place to start renovating and you can change the entire look and layout with just a few simple counter placements. A kitchen renovation can be pricey but if you go to business when they have deals on certain items that can lower your budget tremendously! With a little bit of paint and an island, you can have a brand-new look in the kitchen. You can go from an apple style kitchen to a seashore look all in a can of paint and a few pictures. You do not need to remove the tile and redo the whole floor to renovate.

Even a couple of shelves in the pantry built in to hold some of those appliances will make a big change and renovating can be done in a snap! So, when it comes to renovating your kitchen don’t hesitate to look online for counter tops and islands. There is even wallpaper that is easy to place along with knobs for the draws and cabinets that give a brand new amazing renovated look with breaking the bank. It is all very achievable with patience and some shopping around.

The Bathroom 

 The bathroom renovation plan is always fun and simple to renovate beings that these rooms are not particularly large in space. You can renovate your bathroom completely all under $5,000 or less depending on how much you want to renovate. You do not have to get new toilets or a new tub unless yours is already damaged. You can start with new paint and the vanity. The vanity and color will make a tremendous renovation to the bathroom that will give it an entirely different look and budget your budget well under $5,000. It all depends on much renovating you want to do. Adding a rug to an already nice floor adds a different look with any vanity change. The shower can be easily changed to a bathtub with space permitting.

Whatever your choice, big or small, you can give yourself a new look without breaking the bank!

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