Keep an Eye on Your Property with State-of-the-Art Technology


Leaving your home or commercial business unattended, night or day, is an uncomfortable and risky prospect that you can’t afford. Too many times have people not had the proper security measures, which ends in their valuables being stolen without even so much as a suspect. With either your family or work equipment vulnerable, you shouldn’t have to think twice about outfitting your property with the proper security.

Simple and intuitive means of deterring burglars, such as making it appear as if someone is always home, keeping strict watch over where you leave your keys, and leaving lights on, won’t be enough to repel every ne’er-do-well looking to make a quick profit.

Installing CCTV

Invented back in the 1940s, CCTV, or closed-circuit television, has provided a valuable and ingenious way to monitor your property and valuables. Ever since, it has been a staple of businesses and homes the world over.

It’s essential to think about protecting your home with CCTV and the added benefit of security that it provides. Although alarms and sturdy defences such as reinforced windows or doors do serve a valuable purpose, CCTV is able to monitor less-obvious spots where someone may look to break in. The garage is a hotspot for those trying to break into the main building. Using crowbars and other tools, someone could easily break in and clean out your home of valuables or, worse, hurt you or your family.

The CCTV security systems in Perth offer the widest range of tested, reliable cameras developed by all the major brands. Experts will offer a quick and painless install on your property and train you in its use before leaving. You have your pick of cameras with wide-ranging megapixel and hard drive capacities, anywhere from two to four megapixels with large two terabyte hard drives for optimal speed. This way, anyone planning on carrying out criminal activity can see the sign notifying him or her of CCTV surveillance and easily be identified and deterred from trespassing on your property.

Video Intercom

A nice balance between CCTV surveillance and direct control is a video intercom system. Using a modern high-resolution video camera and an intercom system, you can not only make sure that anyone coming and going is who he or she says he or she is but also add an extra layer of security with the integration of audio-visual communication.

You can order the installation of sleek, modern video phones to monitor your front door. With a selection of sizes, you can personalise the level of security and be cost-efficient at the same time. A person visiting must touch a button on the intercom system to activate the camera, allowing you immediately to assess the situation.

Someone you’ve been expecting? You can buzz him or her right in. However, are you unsure of someone or his or her possible motives? You can turn him or her away while getting a good look at him or her. Running on low voltage from the building, this type of intercom saves in energy costs while giving you peace of mind that you have the most advanced way of audio-visual contact.


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