Is Your Roof Performing Well


Whilst hearing a drip from your tap can be a cause of worry, hearing a drip coming from up above can be a cause for alarm. If your roof is leaking and you find water pooling in spots where it should be dry, you need to seriously look at the choices in roofing systems and materials.

That means you need to contact a company that provides expert roofing services in Woking. Services should extend to the following types of installations and repairs:

        Flat roof installations and repairs

        Complete re-roofing, including the addition of decking

        Tile and slate repairs and installations

        Chimney removals

        Pointing work

        Lead flashing work

        Felt and batten repairs

        Cement gable repairs

        Cement hip and ridge repairs

As you can see, you need to focus on a company that can ensure that every aspect of your roof and chimney is operational. That is why it pays to review the services offered by a roofing company first. Knowing that a business is fully versed in a number of areas and can make any roofing repair or installation can give you the confidence you need to facilitate an improvement in this area.

If you have had problems with leakage, ask that a roofing professional inspect your roof first. If your roof is older, you probably will have to have it replaced. However, it does not hurt to get a professional opinion first.

Never try to make an inspection yourself as you can get hurt. Leave the evaluation process up to a professional contractor. If you need to inspect your roof, use binoculars instead of a ladder.



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