Is Your Drain Running Smoothly


If a drain is running slowly, you need to take care of the problem without delay. This common plumbing problem needs a quick resolution. Otherwise, a more expensive repair will show up further down the road. In fact, any slow drain can be a concern if it is not immediately fixed.

Keep Cooking Grease Out of Your Drain

If you have cleaned the drain from all debris and hair, used a drain cleaner and a plunger but the drain still runs slow, it can lead to a back-up. In order to prevent problems in this respect, you need to take care of certain drain enemies. These culprits are generally represented by cooking grease, hair, coffee grounds, and soap scum. You need to use special measures to keep these substances out of a drain.

Do You Have a Problem with Your Toilet Draining?

If you have not taken preventative measures in this respect, you need to contact plumbing services in Richmond. You definitely want to make a call if you find that your toilet is clogged or drains slowly. Usually, a slow-draining toilet results from the following:

  • Excess toilet paper use
  • A blockage, such as a child’s toy
  • The roots of a plant

Naturally, a plunger is your first line of defence when you discover a clog. A plunger assists in releasing a blockage by creating negative pressure within the pipe. Either the pressure will loosen the clog or suction it up through the pipe.

Regardless of the form of defence you use, you still need to know who to call in case of a plumbing issue. When you have easy access to a plumbing expert, you can make any drainage problems flow down the drain just as easily.

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