Important Things to Consider When Hiring a Skip


Skip hire is the perfect solution for homeowners who need a place to store unwanted items and excess rubbish before disposal procedures, if you plan on carrying out home improvement projects you are sure to gather a large amount of waste around your home. There are some important factors to consider when hiring a skip.

Where would I find a professional company?

There are professionally run companies throughout Norfolk who can offer their services for an affordable price, if you’re searching for skips to hire in King’s Lynn, just type some key phrases into Google and see what comes up. You should find several skip hire companies who can provide information on their services and what exactly you must do to order a unit from them.

Where will you store the unit?

You’ll need to store the skip in a location that is safe for yourself, family members and anyone who visits your premises. If you plan on placing the skip on your premises make sure to select an area where you can easily see the unit at all times of the day and night. The last thing you want is a curious neighbourhood kid crawling into it and causing themselves harm. Remember that your skip will likely contain sharp material and old wooden planks with rusty nails, so it is important to keep the unit in a location with limited access.

How do you stack the skip?

The most effective way of stacking a skip is to build up a wall of materials on the outside of the unit so you construct a type of fort around the skip. Once the outer portion is stacked with waste, you can then start to fill the centre of the skip. Make sure to flatten out large units so they don’t take up too much space, try to flat pack as many items as possible before putting them inside. If you don’t break down items into more manageable sizes you’ll fill your skip far too quickly leaving empty spaces which are wasted.

What can I throw into the skip?

It is important to contact the skip hire company to verify what you can load into the unit, most skips are used for general waste disposal so some types of materials aren’t allowed to be thrown in. Items labelled hazardous must be disposed of correctly and under no circumstances should they be loaded into a skip designed for general waste purposes. Some items which should never be thrown into skips include:

  • Medical waste
  • Batteries
  • Gas cylinders
  • Toxic compounds
  • Electrical items
  • Paint cans

To ensure you don’t put anything into your skip that shouldn’t be there, always speak to a professional for guidance on what is considered general waste.

Skips are great waste storage units, perfect for use when cleaning out your home or renovating a particular area on your premises. They can be hired at a reasonable price, and skip hire companies will deliver and collect the unit once you have finished your project.

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