How to Sweep Your Chimney Properly


Sweeping the chimney at least once in a year is very important if you want to keep using your fireplace on a regular basis. Most people light up their fireplace during the winter season because it offers warmth and gives the place a very cosy feel. The chimney is located right above the fireplace, and it allows the smoke to rise upwards and out of the house. However, in order to allow for efficient flow, you will need to sweep your chimney. Here are a few reasons:

  • The chimney gets blocked
  • Soot builds up around the sides
  • It could cause the smoke to flow in the house

Sweeping the chimney regularly is extremely important. Unfortunately, most people don’t know much about sweeping the chimney, and they often end up making mistakes or injuring themselves. There are local companies that offer chimney sweeps in Hampshire, and you can contact them if you want to have your chimney cleaned by a professional. Here are a few tips for proper chimney cleaning.

Hire a Professional

Unless you have experience and have cleaned the chimneys in the past, it’s generally recommended that you hire a professional for this job. The company will send over a trained professional to your place, and he will clean the chimney.

Use Specialised Tools

There are several specialised tools that can be used for cleaning chimneys. There are brushes with longer handles that can be used to clean the chimney, so you might want to use them for this task.



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