How to select the size of A.C. for any room


Air Conditioners tend to be more energy efficient if they are selected according to the size of the room. It is important to know the capacity of your room. Buying just the right air conditioner for your room is essential as any other size will cause inappropriate heating, cooling or humidity in your room. Air Conditioner with a size too small will not be capable of cooling down your room to the full potential while Air Conditioner with a size too large will cool down your room excessively without properly removing the humidity from it. Thus, investing money on an Air Conditioner of just the right size will provide the desired comfort. ACs of the desired size of the companies like LG, Panasonic, and Samsung can be easily bought online from Flipkart.

Be it window ACs or centralized ACs, both come in various sizes. Best way to measure the size of the Air Conditioner is to measure the area of the room which is to be cooled. Area of the cooling area can be easily calculated by multiplying the length of the room with the width of the room. The capacity of Air Conditioners is measured in BTU i.e British Thermal Unit. Area of the cooling area needs to be multiplied by 25 BTU to know the capacity of the room. 25 BTU provides the right cooling for all temperatures, whether it is a rainy, hot, moist or a sunny day.

Installing a centralized AC is a better option than installing a window AC as they are more efficient and have a better cooling unit. Centralized ACs are set up and installed in the middle of the wall around 5-6 feet higher than the ground and thus distribute the air all over the room equally cooling down the temperature more thoroughly, in comparison to the window ACs which are installed on a window.  LG Company provides both types of Air Conditioners of appropriate sizes. The correct size can be selected from the numerous sizes available online on Flipkart.

Air Conditioners with smaller BTU units need to run continuously which can consequently lead to an undesired increase in your electricity bill. Not only will they increase the electricity bill, they will also be not capable enough to cool down your room efficiently and to its full potential. The overkilling Air Conditioners also need to be avoided as they may not be feasible on your pocket. A bigger Air Conditioner will cool down your room at a faster rate but it may cause overcooling which might even make you rethink the option of buying an AC overall. It will cycle on and off frequently and will be unable to extract the moisture from the air properly, consequently generating a humid atmosphere in the room.

Thus, measuring the size of the AC is important before installing it in your room. The Air Conditioner needs to be of just the right size to cause appropriate cooling in your room. The best size can be selected as per the room size and be bought and installed offline and online easily.


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