How to Organize Your Wardrobe to Free It from Clutter


Your mother was right when she said, “A girl’s wardrobe should be free from clutter.” Sure, you have been scolded many times for having untidy wardrobe, but you tend to tolerate it and continue being a sloth. Clutter inside your wardrobe or Garderoobid does not always refer to pieces of trash that you need to throw out. It can refer to the clothes and accessories that are all over the place.

Whenever you see the beautiful wardrobes of celebrities in magazines, you might think that yours will never be like that. But it can! All you need is time and effort to do the following:

Prepare your wardrobe.

When you start arranging your clothes, you will feel as if it will never end. It can be time-consuming, but nothing beats the feeling of having a clean and well-organized wardrobe. You will be needing hangers, boxes, and good dividers where you’ll store your clothes.

Take all your clothes out.

Don’t know where to start? Take everything out in your wardrobe and put them in your bed. Go through them piece by piece and pile the clothes you want to keep. Let go the ones you no longer need and put them on the donation, sell, or trash boxes.

Discard what you don’t need.

The way to a clutter-free wardrobe is to let go of items you no longer need. It is normal that you may feel confused and dismiss the idea. However, you need to ask yourself, “Does this bring item still bring me joy?” If the answer is yes, keep it. If not, let go of it.

Organize according to color.

Organizing your wardrobe by colors can make a difference. You can also divide your wardrobe by clothing type. Have a divider for you leisurewear, nightwear, undergarments, and so on. Then, arrange the clothes starting from light to dark colors. This way, your wardrobe will be beautiful to look at, and you will never have a hard time finding the clothes you want to wear.

Choose the right hangers and dividers.

Perhaps, you don’t care how your hangers should look like. However, in reality, having mismatched  hanger colors is not visually appealing. If you are serious in achieving a well-organized wardrobe, buy uniform hangers. These will create a cleaner and more visually appealing wardrobe.

You also need dividers as much you need hangers. Neatly fold and pile each type of clothes, and store them on the drawer. All of your clothes should have a designated place.


To make things easier, think about your wardrobe as your own clothing shop. Determine the things worth keeping and the ones that need to be discarded. After you have chosen your most-loved pieces, it’s time to decide if you will donate, sell, or throw the things you will never be using.

Now that your wardrobe is organized, you’ll have enough space for new items. If your wardrobe is still too small for all your clothes, treat yourself with new wardrobe from GRANDBER Sisustus.

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