How to make your home unique


Homes these days come in a variety of designs and structures. The housing market continues to grow and as such, people are having to make their spaces work harder for them.

The cost of land has continued to rise, so homeowners are having to think of effective ways to make the most of what they can afford. The interest in interior design continues to increase, at any given time there will be a home design show on at least one or two tv channels at any time of day. Improving your property can also be very profitable. Many individuals will ‘Flip’ a property in a matter of months for a decent return. Buying a home in a poor state of repair will allow you to negotiate a very low purchase price. This saving will give you a modest budget to make the changes needed for a fast resale.


The design of the property itself is crucial. A proper layout can open up additional storage, make the most of daylight hours and create useful areas of a property that could have been considered dead space. Consider getting advice from an architect. They will have a good understanding about what is possible with the space you have to work with. Make sure you can get client testimonials before you instruct any specialist, it’s important to check them out and if possible visit some previous properties that they have been involved with.

Planning Permission

Whatever changes you plan to make, ensure that you have researched and applied for the relevant planning permissions. This is even more essential when working with a listed property as even the most minor detail may need to be previously agreed. To put it into perspective, Grade 1 listed buildings will need permission for things as minute as exterior windows or paint finish. You must also get advice about any change of use, this is very common for example when adapting a farm building, or additional storage for accommodation. If you do not get the proper advice, Councils have the legal right to enforce the changes, including significant penalties.

Feature Pieces

Using an object or a wall as a focal point can work really well. Not everyone wants to point their furniture at the television. You can create this effect on a variety of budgets, for the thrifty, you should consider wallpapering a focal wall. For larger budgets, you could purchase an antique. Often finding the right item can take a long time, you may also need to travel long distances so consider specialist transport. Make sure to get a range of quotations for this type of work, and look for a courier who has proper insurance to cover valuable items.

In conclusion, improving a property can end up making you money, however you need to get the right advice and support. Make sure you set a budget and stick to it, as in most cases the same techniques can be applied to the smallest or largest budgets.


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