How to make Christmas decorations with recycled material


This Christmas decorates your house in a unique way and without spending just money. How? With these adornments that in a How we propose you where you will use everyday materials such as clothespins, light bulbs or coffee capsules. They are super easy to make crafts that you can prepare with your family to get a unique decoration adapted to your tastes. Keep reading this article and you will discover how to make Christmas decorations with recycled material. The result is impressive, you’ll see!

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With clothespins

With bottle caps

With pineapples

With nuts

With muffin papers

With coffee capsules

With clothespins

We started with a Christmas craft of the simplest to do. It is about taking advantage of the wooden clothespins with which you usually wear clothes to give them a new use that is much more fun and perfect for the holidays. You will need to:

  • Wooden tongs (the amount you want)
  • Red and white paint
  • White, red and black felt
  • Glue or glue
  • Brush
  • Black marker

The first step will be to paint the base of the tweezers, if you want to draw Santa Claus choose the red paint for the body but if you want to draw snowmen opt for a white paint. Let it dry and, meanwhile, we will be working the felt.

We will have to design the details that we will want to place on the tweezers, for example, Santa’s hat, his mustache, the snowman’s scarf, and so on. When you have them, you will have to cut them and stick them on the tweezers with a little tail.

To finish with the Christmas ornament, we just have to customize it by drawing the face of Santa Claus and the doll and putting all the details that you can think of (moles on clothes, red nose, etc.)

In a How we tell you in detail how to make Christmas ornaments with clothespins.

With bottle caps

The bottle caps that are normally undone now will go perfectly to make our recycled Christmas ornament. It is a very economical and easy to do option for which you will need to gather the following material:

The plates you want (think that 3 plates are equivalent to 1 ornament)

  • White paint
  • Brushes
  • Wool
  • Felt or a piece of cloth (for the scarf)
  • Extra strong glue
  • Orange (for the nose) and black marker (for the eyes and mouth)

The first thing we will do is paint the inside and outside of the white plates to serve as the body of our snowman. Let them dry and, meanwhile, you can go designing the scarf on a piece of felt or fabric.

When the sheets have dried, you will have to proceed to stick them between them. To do this step, you can choose to join them with pieces of thick wool and stick them with extra strong tail; think that the plates barely weigh and, therefore, there will be no risk of them separating. When they are stuck together, you will only have to paint with your marker the eyes, the mouth and the details you want. Then put the piece of cloth around the neck so that it resembles a scarf.

If you want this decoration to hang on the Christmas tree it will be necessary that at the top you stick a wool bow with a tail and hang it from one of the branches. And ready!

With pineapples

If you think about the Christmas eco- sure, the image of dried pineapples will come to mind, right? And is that this decorative element is one of the most used during these holidays and can be included in both centerpieces and ornaments for the tree. Here we offer different ways to use pineapples at Christmas:

As centerpieces

Preparing centerpieces like the ones we offer you in the image is one of the easiest ways to decorate your house for these holidays. To do this, you will have to make a few pineapples and color them with gold or silver spray (since they are the favorite Christmas tones). Then, combine them with other elements such as moss, pine branches, colored candles and tree balls, for example, and you will get a spectacular center.

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Christmas wreaths

The simplest way to recycle pineapples is to turn them into garlands. To do this, you just have to give them a layer of color (if you want), put them hooks or eye nails closed at the top to pass a ribbon and can hang them from the tree.

You can decorate them as you want: adding a red bow, throw them some artificial snow or paint them in colors that match the tone of your house or your tree. Unleash the imagination!

Christmas wreath with pineapples

Many houses receive guests with precious Christmas wreaths made with natural materials such as moss or pinecones. If you want to hang one of these crowns on the door of your home, you can easily do it with pineapples but, yes, you will need a crown base of the size you want (you can buy it or make it yourself with cardboard).

On this base you will have to stick the pineapples with extra strong glue and add other decorative elements such as pine needles, ribbons, bows or moss.

With nuts

The nut shells may also become decorative objects ideal for this time of year. To make this craft recycled for Christmas you will have to gather the following material:

  • The nut shells that you want
  • The colors that you like the most (it is recommended that they be bright)
  • Liquid glue
  • Black rubber (to hang them from the tree)

The first step is to paint the shells with the colors you want, although we remind you that the favorite tones of this time are the d orado, the white, the silver and the red. It is best that the paint has a shiny or glitter finish.

In the shell of the nut you will have to put liquid glue and, in the upper part, place a rubber band that will be used to hang the ornament on the tree. If the nut is split in two because you have eaten the content, you will have to glue both parts with glue and let them dry. And ready!

With muffin papers

The muffins are usually wrapped in a piece of paper that has a very peculiar shape and, this shape, fits perfectly for these holidays because it resembles a bell, another typical element of Christmas. You can take advantage of the already used muffin papers (although they will be dirty) or, if you prefer, buy the unused papers and decorate them to your liking.

You can decorate them with polka dots, paint them in different colors or write sentences. Think of it as a paper, so it supports any type of customization you want to give it. To be able to hang this ornament from the tree , you will only have to make a small hole with a scissors and introduce one of the lights that surround the tree. It will be a unique and very original decoration.

With coffee capsules

Another good idea to make Christmas decorations with recycled material is to reuse the coffee capsules. For the effect to be as expected, in a way, we recommend that you buy those that are golden, silver, green or red, so, it will be fully adapted to the colors of this time of year.

To make this craft you will need:

  • Coffee capsules (for every 2 capsules we make 1 ornament)
  • Scissors
  • Cord or rope (to hang from the tree)
  • Red ribbon (for the tie)

The procedure is very simple: first we will have to make sure to rinse the capsules thoroughly to remove any remaining coffee. Once ready, we will have to make a hole in the top with the help of a scissors; Make the hole inside to prevent the capsule from breaking.

Then you will have to introduce the cord through the two holes that we have made and, thus, both capsules will be joined. As a final culmination, we only have to tie the red ribbon in the cord making the shape of a Christmas bow. And that’s it!

In a how we discovered step by step how to make crafts with coffee capsules.

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