How To Make A Hanging Flower Basket In 6 Easy Steps?


Hanging baskets are much loved due to their multipurpose characteristics. Whether it is covering an empty space on the wall or decorating a front end porch, a hanging flower basket can almost fit anywhere. Moreover, they also look very pretty. Irrespective of the occasion, these pretty little flower baskets offer an opportunity to play with the plant combinations to give a different look to the place. There are many different types of plants which can be planted in these baskets. Also, you can use different types of plants such as trailers and clumpers. You can mix two or three plants having the same colour and texture.

Here’s a quick guide which would help you in making a hanging flower basket:

Choosing a basket

When it comes to choosing the basket size, you can go for a small one or the one which has more volume; the choice is yours. However, the volume of the water is directly related to the water that it can retain. A larger basket can make taller columns which can look more in the scale with your household.

Insert a liner

To fully cover the basket, you need to overlap two rectangular sections of the liner. In this process, allow extra material so that when the basket is filled with soil, some will still spill over the edges. Overlapping the edges would make the waterfall slower from the basket.

Build a basic layer of the soil

Get some good quality potting soil and place a layer of it in the bottom of it. Press it against the bottom and sides of the basket so that it sits firmly and would be helpful for you in making slits. The soil level should be about 4 to 6 inches above the bottom level of the basket before you start making slits.

Insert a water reservoir

To help with the aeration and watering, insert about 8-10 inch section of the slotted black drainpipe. Adjust in such a way that it remains 4 to 6 inches above the bottom of the basket. The pipe directs the water towards the bottom of the basket, which is the first place to dry out.

Cut the liner and add plants

Using a sharp object, make small cuts in the liner just below the current soil level and carefully place the root balls of the plants from the outside. If you use larger plants, gently wash the potting soil from the root system and compress the root mass in the torpedo shape. You can search for any of the florist offering same day flowers delivery.

Start planting till the top

Keep adding the layers of potting soil and also keep cutting the slits. Top off your baskets having those plants which are annual. Also, you can use some trailers and grasses. Then give the whole basket a good soaking

Making a hanging flower basket is very easy and with these handy steps you’d surely come up with an amazing flower basket.

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