How to Keep Your Hilton Head Home Secure While Selling It


When Hilton Head homes are for sale, several buyers troop in to view the property to ensure it meets their standards and is what they want. Most often than not, when Hilton head oceanfront condos are placed for sale, owners are kept busy most of the time due to the influx of potential buyers who are interested in the property. This influx of buyers however necessitates the need to keep your property safe while trying to sell your home.

Should you choose to sell your home individually as against a Hilton Head real estate agent, there are some factors to consider while negotiating for the best possible deal.

During the process of staging, pricing, listing, and scheduling tours, it’s easy to overlook the details, one of which is home security.

It might be the best idea to beef up security with the following tips while showing your Hilton Head condos for sale to strangers who may not necessarily have the best of intentions.

It is recommended that you take the following precautions as a security measure to avoid theft during the home showing process.

Showings by Appointment Only

When advertising your Hilton Head homes for sale, you should be sure to specifically ass the term “appointment only” in your listing. This is done so you can properly manage the number of potential buyers whom you will show your property to therefore helping you narrow down potential suspects in the event something goes amiss in your home.

It is important to never allow anyone into your Hilton head oceanfront homes for sale unless they have a verified appointment with you or your Hilton head real estate agent.

Being extra cautious when letting total strangers into your home is okay, beef your security up to prevent loss of lives and or properties.

Confirm Appointments and Oversee Tours

After making sure that all persons who are viewing your property are scheduled and have verified appointments, it is also recommended that you personally verify that all potential homebuyers are exactly from where they claim they are from.

This is especially advised if you are working alone and without a Hilton Head real estate agent.

Requesting verification that potential homebuyers are who they claim to be will save you the stress of impersonators.

Remove All Valuables from Sight

It is additionally advisable to keep all valuable materials and items away from sight. All important and valuable items including jewelry and collectibles should be properly hidden and safely secured in a safe or tucked away in a safety deposit box at your bank.

Additionally, all personal documents containing personal and sensitive information including bank statements, social security cards, and others should be safely stowed away in drawers or out of sight.

It is important that you do not leave any item of value lying around the home and in plain sight while staging your home to sell.

Be Extra Cautious

It is never harmful to be a little extra cautious. Make sure to watch each and every potential buyer who comes into your home during the staging process and avoid leaving the buyers in a particular room while you excuse yourself.

A rule of thumb is to keep your eyes trained at all times on the potential buyer. Additionally, it never hurts to have an experienced Hilton Head real estate agent around during the showing process.

Work With a Trusted Realtor

Should you choose to have the home sold by a Hilton Head real estate agent, it is important to work with a trusted realtor. Visit The Pattisall Group Hilton Head to sell your beachfront home.

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