How to Keep Your Conservatory Cool


A conservatory is a great way to relax and enjoy your time in a room that is exposed to a large amount of light, but does not have the heat and weather of a porch or patio. Your conservatory or your orangery offers you the benefits of being on a patio with none of the drawbacks. However, the large amount of light that comes into an orangery or conservatory can greatly increase the temperature in those rooms. When light comes in through the windows, it heats up the air in your home as well as the furniture. In many ways, the windows can actually magnify that amount of light. The lack of airflow can then create a situation in which your conservatory is actually warmer than the outside. So here’s how you deal with that.

Begin with Design

The first step in creating a comfortable conservatory is the design. Heat comes into your conservatory in a couple of different ways. Heat comes through the sunlight that hits your windows as well as the warm air that heats up the windows and walls. Also, the amount of sunlight that hits the roof of your conservatory can raise the temperature inside. From a design standpoint, you should consider where you want to put the conservatory.

If you put it on the south side of your house, you’ll get the most light throughout the day. If you want a very sunny conservatory, that’s the best place to put it, though it will be a little more difficult to cool the room. If you place it on the west side of the house, it will mostly get the setting sun. The light from the setting sun is not as harsh and can make a room easier to cool. You should also consider having a high roof. If you don’t have space for a legitimately high roof, you should consider a peaked roof.

Heat rises and having a high roof will allow it to dissipate away from the ground. The experts at a place such as Solar Frame can help you with the design.

The Materials

After the design, the materials you use are very important. You need to make sure that the materials you use are heat-resistant. The windows are the focal point of the conservatory, and need to be made of two or three panes of glass. When a window is double-glazed, it has a cushion of air between the panes that acts as insulation. Furthermore, the windows need to have insulating window frames.

An insulating window frame will absorb a lot of the heat that comes from the light hitting the window. Modern materials such as uPVC are great at insulating heat without being obtrusive. If you want the most energy-efficient windows possible, you need multi-chambered windows. Instead of large glass panes, they are made of many smaller panes of glass with uPVC frames. A decrease in size breaks up the magnifying effect of the glass and makes them much more absorbent.

The design and the materials make all the difference in keeping your conservatory cool.

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