How to Keep away Damp from your Property?


The presence of condensation may lead to irreversible damages to your walls, ceilings, furniture, fixtures and all other possessions stored within. Given this, it is very important to take care of the increasing levels of condensation in your commercial or residential premises and ensure that the problem is kept within limits.

Why does damp occur?

Condensation happens to be the commonest form of damp that makes its way into homes, offices and other commercial premises. The ensuing damp leads to molds, ugly patches, bad smells and an overall heavy atmosphere in the premises used by you. Alongside, the occurrence of damp may cause severe structural damages to your property thereby making the wallpaper peel away, dark spots appear on your walls and ceilings, and high levels of moisture build up in your rooms to make your windows stream.

Once the condensation is allowed to settle in and is left untreated, there will be an occurrence of smelly mold that is potentially harmful and causes serious health issues such as breathing difficulties. Given all these reasons, it becomes essential to deploy professionals in the field of damp proofing Newcastle to bring about a reduction in the humidity levels prevailing in your property.

Tips for reducing condensation

Are you looking for short-term fixes instead of permanent solutions? Probably no. So, even as you wait for professional help to arrive, you may like to use these tips to get on top of your dampness woes.  Given below are our suggestions to reduce the condensation levels in your property:

  • The tumble dryer or washing machine placed in your premises needs to be ventilated consistently and thoroughly. Remember, just one load of laundry emits a lot of moisture into the ambient air and has to be taken care of urgently.
  • Wherever possible, strive to dry all clothes outdoors in order to prevent any excess moisture from staying back in your interiors. Alternatively, you may use a room with open windows and doors to go about the act.
  • While cooking food, taking a hot water shower, or boiling a kettle, do make sure that the bathroom or kitchen door is kept open with a view of preventing the moisture from entering the cooler rooms.
  • Add a lid to all cooking pans to reduce the overall levels of condensation affecting your
  • As in the kitchen, turn on the extractor fan placed in your bathroom and other wet areas to remove all moisture and steam. This will help in reducing the amount of damp that would otherwise appear on your windows and walls.

Are you ready to use these essential yet effective tips for preventing damp in your property?


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