How to Handle a Bee, Wasp or Hornet Infestation


Having any sort of infestation in your home is a nightmare situation that none of us ever wants to experience. However, it is all the more frightening when the pests in question are capable of administering painful and sometimes even dangerous stings. Wasps and hornets can be highly aggressive and territorial and as such they require extremely careful handling. Unlike honeybees, wasps can sting multiple times without dying and can even be prone to attack in swarms, meaning that they pose a real and ongoing threat. Although bees are less belligerent by nature, they can sting when they feel threatened so a bee infestation must still be dealt with carefully.

Recognising the Infestation

Unfortunately, many of us are not aware that our home is harbouring a nest until we’ve done something to disturb it. Wasps tend to build their nests in wall hollows or under eaves, or some species can create underground nests which can be found in the garden. Wasps are typically larger than honeybees, with smooth bodies and narrow waists as opposed to the round, hairy nature of bees. Hornets are larger still, and far more dangerous. Bees are more likely to develop their hives in places such as hollowed out logs, whilst hornets often attach their round grey nests to the sides of trees or houses. If you notice a greater than usual number of wasps or bees near your property then the chances are that you or your neighbours could be harbouring a nest.

Eliminating the Problem

By looking out for the signs and acting quickly, you stand the best chance of dealing with the problem before it can negatively affect you or your family. If you suspect that you have a wasp, bee or hornet infestation, it is advisable to contact a professional pest control company such as Mr Wasp immediately. Attempting to deal with the problem yourself is likely to result in tears, as nests are notoriously difficult to destroy so a DIY job is likely to result in failure. At the same time, by trying to remove the nest yourself you will lay yourself open to attacks. By getting a professional company in to assess the situation, you can be sure to have the right tools and expertise on board to help you eliminate the problem once and for all. If you deal with the problem promptly, you not only rid yourself of the danger to your person, you can also prevent costly damage being done to your home by the nest. Due to the urgent nature of this type of pest control, most companies have a 24/7 service available so you can have the problem dealt with swiftly and safely.

If you are dealing with the unpleasant reality of a wasp, bee or hornet infestation, be sure to have it dealt with in a timely manner by an experienced professional. This is the best way to return your home to normal with the least amount of upheaval.

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