How to Do A Home Makeover Even If You Have No Idea Where To Start


If you’ve been thinking about doing a home makeover for awhile but have procrastinated because you find the whole idea a little too overwhelming, a simple solution is to take a few minutes to get clear on your reasons for thinking about remodeling in the first place.  You’ll quickly dispel any confusion about what to focus on and why you want to make a change. When you come up with enough reasons why you’re not happy with the way things are, you’ll feel motivated to finally take some decisive action.

You may, for instance, want to remodel your home because you want to raise its value and increase its sales potential. Or, if you’re not planning on going anywhere soon, you may want to remodel your home because you’re bored with it or are mildly embarrassed by certain rooms.  

A fresh coat of paint on the walls or clean shutters or a new roof may be all you need to transform your abode, but, if you’re like most homeowners, you’ll feel a need to tackle the kitchen and bathroom. Family and friends tend to gather in the kitchen when they visit, and it appears to be the heart of your home rather than your living room or den. As for the bathroom, many homeowners find their bathrooms are a little too plain and boring for their taste.  Then, when it comes to big projects, popular home remodeling plans often include improving natural lighting and going green.

Revamp Your Kitchen 

You may have inherited outdated colors in your kitchen, but the perfect cabinet remodeling can make your cabinets more functional and pleasing. Perhaps no one even notices your gaudy avocado colors and dated designs, but you do and that’s all that matters. After replacing the cabinet, you’ll feel better the next time you have anyone over for dinner. Other common things homeowners often replace are countertops, stoves, and refrigerators.

Upgrade Your Bathroom

Although your bathroom may be perfectly functional, now might be a good time to get better plumbing, lay down new tiles, change the sink to one with the right height, and replace your unfashionable mirror with a modern frame. And, if your lighting happens to be poor, you may also want to plan a lighting scheme to brighten up the bathroom.

Enhance Natural Lighting

If you want to add more natural lighting in the living room, think of adding more windows or getting larger ones. You may even want to consider investing in bespoke windows to add increased value to your home. Aside from windows, other ways to admit natural light are skylights and light tubes.

When you let in more untempered light, you may also need to manage the energy and heat. One of the easiest ways to convert cooler shortwave radiation to warmer longwave radiation is through roller shades and Venetian blinds. Another idea when it comes to temperature control is to replace single-panel windows with energy-efficient windows…and this idea alone will save you hundreds of dollars in utility costs.

Go Green

When most people think about going green, they think of installing solar panels. While this is always a good idea, three other ways to make your house eco-friendlier are to replace vinyl with linoleum, replace regular paints with low or no-VOC paints, and replace carpet or hardwood with bamboo or cork. 

Vinyl is a toxic plastic that contains dioxin and phthalates, two substances that can cause serious health issues. A better choice would be linoleum, which is made from linseed oil.  Regular paints release volatile organic compounds (VOC). Since these are extremely toxic, a better selection would be caulking, no-VOC sealers, and low VOC paints. Finally, carpet or hardwood also emit harmful VOCs. Carpets are worse than hardwood. If you want to replace carpets, consider buying carpets certified by Green Label Plus programs. And, an eco-friendlier alternative to hardwood is cork or bamboo.

So, when it comes to doing a home makeover, a good place to begin is with a strong enough why. When you’re clear about your reasons, you’ll figure out what to do and how to go about doing it.

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