How to Decorate with Antiques


Antiques are timeless works of art that can completely change the look of your home. These distinctive pieces, when hand-selected and cleaned to show their true beauty, can elevate a normal room in your home to something special and out of the ordinary. If you don’t have any experience with antiques, then it can be daunting to try to figure out which ones will add to your space and how to decorate with them without making your home look dated. Coming up with a decorating plan is the best way to highlight your room with tasteful pieces.

Find a Bargain

The best way to find a bargain on antiques is to visit smaller stores that are off the beaten path. While shopping at larger stores in big cities will allow you to find some great pieces, it’s common to find one-of-a-kind pieces in stores that aren’t as popular. If you see something that you like but are intimidated by the price tag, ask if you can have a lower price. Sometimes, dealers will be happy to lower the price to get rid of a piece that’s been sitting around for a while.

Mix and Match

There are few things more boring than a home that is decorated all in one style. Whether the style is off the shelf from a big box store or all antiques, it creates a look that is boring. To make sure that your home expresses your personality, try to mix and match the styles that you include. Visiting antique dealers in Brisbane will help you find great pieces to add to your collection.

Take Your Time

One common mistake that people make when they are decorating with antiques is to buy a bunch at one time and then try to incorporate them into their homes and décor. This often backfires and looks forced. It’s a much better decision to buy pieces here and there as you see them and fall in love with them. Not only will this force you to truly curate your style but you’ll have a story behind every piece, which will make your home represent who you really are.

Look for Quality

When you fall in love with an antique, it’s worth taking time to assess the quality of the piece before bringing it home. Always check how solid it is and make sure that the wood isn’t rotting. The varnish should be smooth and unblistered. While you can revarnish or reupholster a piece that you really love, this is an extra step that some people don’t want to mess with. Only bringing home quality pieces will keep you from needing to fix them.

Decorating your home with antiques is a fun way to express your style. Enjoy the hunt and you’ll love your home!

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