How to Choose the Best Letterboxes


You may not give the regular letterbox much thought, but these simple fixtures serve an important functional and aesthetic purpose. Mailboxes protect important postage from the elements, potential theft and provide an attractive feature for your home. Available in a wide range of styles and sizes, time and effort into the selection of a new box or much-needed upgrade, is made simpler with the following letterbox buying guide.

From the quaint home to the modern mansion, all properties need letterboxes to store postage. As these additions are outdoors and exposed to adverse weather conditions, it can become rusted, warped and broken making it difficult for the postman to place mail in the box and increases risk of damaged parcels.

The standard letterbox is an affordable option providing a simple square or rectangular design with a slot for mail. These styles can be purchased in a plastic, wooden or metallic ranges depending on the material most suitable for the front of your property and best for your postbox budget.

Before rushing out to choose a new letterbox, determine whether it will need regular maintenance. All wooden mailboxes can benefit from a coat of varnish to protect from moisture and sun damage. You can paint the exterior, but keeping an eye on its condition will help you spot any signs of deterioration that require repair. Metal is durable and provides a very sleek and modern appeal, but it can be subject to rust and should be regularly maintained. Plastic is a cost effective alternative and available in assorted colors to complement any theme or style property.

If you receive large quantities of mail, do not choose a tiny box. Consider the size of letterboxes including the types of mail that you receive. Postage such as newspapers will require a deeper box to accommodate the extra copy and avoid exposure to the elements.

Wall mounted letterboxes provide a simplistic yet modern and stylish option. Rather than place fixtures on an outside gate or post in the front entryway, securing the letterbox to the wall is a neat and appealing alternative to traditional postal styles. Purchase a mounted box with a lock to secure your mail and maintain privacy.

It is a good idea to invest in a mailbox with a lock feature. Most criminals will easily retrieve post from a letterbox without additional security. Locks offer an additional layer of protection, but deeper fixtures can minimize magazines or larger postal items from sticking out the slot of the box.

When placing your mailbox on the door, examine its dimensions. Careful planning ensures the correct choice of material to secure the box or slot neatly.

Letterboxes are available in all shapes, sizes and colors. The modern designs are streamlined with a smooth metallic and polished exterior, but for the quaint property, a traditional wooden postbox can make an attractive feature. Investing in a stylish new letterbox, whether wall mounted or positioned on your front door, can provide functionality, security and an aesthetic appeal that adds character to your home.

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