How the Bordeaux wine china trade came about.


Bordeaux was a well-known wine producer before China and this made them to be more established in the markets as compared to China and even become stronger than the Chinese country in wine production at large. It had a lot of estates that planted the grapes required for wine making and this promoted so much the wine industry in the region.

The founders of wine trade

Bordeaux and  china are considered to be the founders of wine trade ,it was hard to start the trade between the countries but it eventually flourished and the countries became business partners and saw need to even have a strong business relationship together to gain more profits and revenue too.

China had to import the wine products from their well-established friends Bordeaux, which at first was very expensive due to the taxes incurred in china on importation of wine products outside the country. Some wealthier people in the Chinese government spear headed the movement to drop this taxes since they affected the common business people so much, this led to abolishment of the taxes in China to promote the wine industry between the two nations.

The two nations had to look for investors and customers on this wine products to support their trade .China imported the wines at relative smaller prices then would resell the wines to its customers at a much higher price to get more profits from the previous funds used to buy the products.

Later China saw the need to extend its trade by considering to buy the Bordeaux vineyard, they wanted to take over the wine market to the next level that is by have themselves exporting to other countries instead of importing the wine products. This however was never easy as it took a lot of time negotiating on this trade of Chinese buying the vineyards.

Trade depending on demand

The trade later declined as a result of the wine consumers in Chinese government being restricted to use the government resources badly to indulge in buying alcoholic products to the citizens. This resulted in Chinese investors seeking to own the Bordeaux vineyards to rescue the whole business chain between the two countries.

Finally Bordeaux agreed to invest with this Chinese investors and the business began to flourish again, profits began flowing in as required by everyone in the partnership. This marked a beginning of a new era between the two nations who had sacrificed everything for the trade of the wine to be successful.

China began to be well established by the skills acquired from its wine partnership and saw the need to make more brands to itself and having their own vineyards planted with the grapes used to make this different flavors of alcoholic beverages. It also resulted in it being consider one of the top wine producers in the world with quality, affordable brands for its customers.

Bordeaux and China had a good wine trade since birth and this made them grow respectively to supply its customers to their level bests due to the good and valued partnership they maintained and this made the two nations stand firmly with the wine trade. This is the brief history and how Bordeaux wine China trade happened.

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