How Much Does It Cost To Install A Garage Door?


Just like every other thing, the price of installing a garage door will depend on several factors. It may be cheaper if you are the one installing it and not the professionals. It may also be less expensive if the garage door is not too sophisticated. For instance, an automatic garage door may cost a lot more to install than a manual one. It may also depend on the area you are living in. I mean, in all earnest, if you live in a plush gated community you will be paying more than someone else who lives in the city outskirts or somewhere downtown. This article discusses some of the factors that will contribute to your total garage door prices.


Different contractors charge different prices depending on their individual expenses and level of professionalism. Sometimes, the more expensive the contractor is, the more likely they will do a thoroughly professional job.

To be on the safe side, do some extensive research on the contractors available in your area. Ask for opinion from people who have some working experience with them. Do not forget to check out customer reviews too; these give you a clear picture of what to expect from them.

Pick at least three contractors and request for their quotations. You could also ask them to break down their total cost to singular aspects such as the cost of wiring and even their prices for different types of doors.


The more features a door has, the more expensive it will be top install it. Some of the cheapest include simple single-tilt models. As mentioned earlier, an automated door will be more costly than a manual one. Additional features such as windows at the top will add to the cost.


This is usually counted as a single and separate cost from the door. Not all door openers are the same, and the price will depend on the type of garage door you are installing.


The width of your door will also affect your total budget. Double-width doors are generally more expensive to install than single-width doors. Also, wide doors may need some modifications to be made, and these will also add up to the price. Structural changes to the building are usually inevitable, especially if a wide entrance needs to be covered with a single door.


This may be a significant factor if the installation professional charge on an hourly basis. Some doors will take longer than others depending on various aspects such as their size, openers, function, and material.

In conclusion, the overall cost of installing your garage door will depend heavily on the contractor as well as the type of garage door. To save on money, make sure you get a warranty on the door as well as the labor. You can also request to pay for the garage door and its installation using a payment plan similar to the king bed frame afterpay services available on Jim’s Decor.

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