How Green Energy Can Help with High Energy Bills


Green energy is energy generated by not burning the fossil fuel i.e. Coal or petroleum derived fuel. There are many forms of green energy, ranging from nuclear to wind and solar. Solar energy has the additional advantage of not having any moving parts. Also, it has a more predictable pattern and hence energy planning using this form of energy is easier. Solar panels installation on the rooftops or on the ground is easy and rewarding. There is already a good number of solar installations in Cayman. Not only the energy so produced is cheaper, but it also means fewer chances of failure as the energy so produced is produced right at the point it is needed. Transportation losses of energy are also minimal.

You will get the very good amount of electricity generated during a sunny day. On a very cloudy day, energy generated may be less. You can store the energy in rechargeable batteries and can consume it when solar energy is not available in the night or on a very cloudy day. This increases the cost marginally, but in event of disruption of electricity, you will not have to remain without electricity for the night. The batteries will last for several hours serve as an excellent purpose of emergency electricity supply.

The CORE module is available in the Cayman Islands. When your solar energy system is producing more energy than you need, it goes to a grid, and you get paid for it. This amount will be adjusted in your bill. So you save two folds, one you reduce your electricity consumption from the electricity supplier and two, you get the amount of your electricity sold to the supplier.

Solar panels are safe and durable provided solar panels installation is done by experts. Do not take any chance with this. A little saving may prove costly. Solar panels usually do not require any maintenance. They are very stable and rugged units. Should something go wrong, you can seek the help of the company which has performed solar panel installation.

Good positioning of solar panels on the rooftops or on solar farms is needed for optimal generation of the solar power. A site visit by solar panel installation specialist is needed before you decide where and how many solar panels you will put.

To reduce your electricity bill further you can use Lutron lighting controls. They will dim the light without a flicker and save energy, therefore, saving the energy bill further. Lighting controllers save energy by providing only desired intensity of light, hence cutting down the energy consumption and in turn saving on the energy bill.

Green energy is not just to save the environment. Fossil fuel is not going to last forever.  As it gets depleted, its cost is going to increase. Green energy in comparison will become cheaper. Your savings, therefore, are going to increase with time.Solar panels are therefore a very good investment.  So go green and become richer!

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