How Do Professionals Clean Carpet


If you’ve had your carpets professionally cleaned before, you know how effective they can be at getting your carpets clean. If you’ve vacuumed them yourself, or even hired janitors, you might be wondering why you can’t get them as clean as the professionals. You might have even hired a steam cleaner and tried to do it yourself but still couldn’t get the desired results. This is because professionals use a multiple-stage process that uses professional tools to get carpets as clean as possible.


Professionals typically begin by vacuuming your carpets. This will remove the loose dirt that is buried on or in your carpets. The top layer of dirt that can be removed by a vacuum is typically the dust and dirt that are sitting between the carpet fibres and not actually buried in the nap. This is also what a good domestic vacuum cleaner might pick up. After vacuuming they will move onto the next step of the process.


Many professional carpet cleaning services will shampoo the carpet with a mild detergent after vacuuming. The shampoo is effective at cutting through oils that might have built up in the carpet. Steam and vacuuming alone don’t always get everything that is caught up in your carpets because a lot of it is oil. Oil and water do not mix which means that simply using water or steam will not cut it. The steam will not be able to clean the oil stuck in the carpet. Shampoo will cut the grease and dislodge it from your carpet fibres. After that, the carpet can be steam cleaned.

Steam Cleaning

This is the most effective part of the professional cleaning process. The carpet cleaners will use steam to drive dirt out of your carpets. The steam and hot water shoots out of the machine at a high pressure which works to bring everything buried in your carpet fibres to the surface. In addition to dirt and oil, many different types of insects can actually become buried in the carpets. Fleas, ticks, and lice are among the most common insects that are found buried deep in carpet fibres. They also lay their eggs there. That means that they will not be removed through vacuuming alone. Only the pressure of steamed water can dislodge them. The heat also works to kill the insects and eggs.

Once that is all done, they will vacuum up as much of the water as possible and allow your carpet to dry. Due to the heat of the water and the power of the vacuum, it will dry fairly quickly. Within a few hours, you’ll have the cleanest possible carpet.


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