Hire a Skip Bin for Your Next Home Project


Whether you’re renovating your home or moving out of your current house, you will need to decide how to remove the garbage that’s left over. While you can put many things in your regular garbage bin, there are materials you may not be able to fit into it. Fortunately, you can hire a skip to toss out almost anything that needs to be thrown away.

Getting the Right Size

There are many different sizes of skips, so you will want to hire the correct size for your project. If you hire one that is too big, you will end up paying more for it than necessary, however, if the skip is too small, it may need to be emptied multiple times, which will also cost more. Fortunately, a skip hire company in Doncaster can help you determine the size that is needed for your project.

Along with helping you get the right skip for your needs, they will also deliver and set it up. There are some regulations regarding setting up a skip, especially if it needs to be set on the street because there isn’t any other place to put it, however, you won’t have to worry about knowing any of the regulations, since that’s the rental company’s job.

Do Not Toss Out

You will need to know what is permissible to toss into the skip. While most refuge can be put into one, there are some items which cannot go into a skip. If you’re cleaning out the garage or your home, you cannot place the following items in the skip:

  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Paint
  • Pesticides
  • Tyres
  • Pet waste
  • Batteries
  • Materials containing asbestos

The skip hire company can provide a more extensive list of things you shouldn’t put into a skip or a garbage bin when moving or renovating your house.

Things That Can Be Tossed Out

You may be surprised what you are allowed to put in a skip:

  • Furniture and appliances
  • Cardboard, plastic, and timber materials
  • Grass clippings, tree branches, soil, and sand
  • Stones, bricks, and concrete
  • Carpeting, tiles, and other building materials

You should try to recycle as much as you can before it is tossed into a skip bin. This will keep materials out of landfills which don’t need to be there.

If you do put these things in a skip, however, many skip hire companies process and recycle as much as possible. It prevents the wrong items from being placed into landfills where they could seep into the ground water and helps eliminate waste which can be reused.

Schedule Pick Up

When you hire a skip, it is available for your use for a certain number of days. Try to toss out the biggest, heaviest items first, so if you cannot meet the deadline, then you won’t have to dispose of those things yourself.

Hiring a skip makes it easier to toss out rubbish you’ve accumulated in your house or which will be created during a renovation. Just toss out what you don’t want and it will be hauled away.


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