Hand Forged Iron Beds Feature Four-Poster Designs


Today, choosing a hand forged iron bed in a four-poster design is a stunning addition to any bedroom. Whether the décor is modern or traditional, these four-poster beds are designed with a user’s personal preferences in mind.

Three Complimentary Finishes

For example, you can choose four-poster frames in contemporary canopy or vintage styles that display a superior quality build. Artisan four-poster beds are customisable, and therefore can be designed in one-of-a-kind styles. Finishes for the beds are available in black, ivory, and gunmetal finishes.

Slats are Closely Spaced

With these beds, you can choose from a slatted bed base or solid divan base. Bases are finished in black to complement gunmetal and black frames or ivory to match ivory finished frames. Slat bases feature closely spaced slats to supply quality support.

Other Features of a Slatted Design

Iron beds’ bases slightly soften the feel of a mattress, because they feature a sprung laminated slat. The bases are also supported by a 5.08 centimetres squared steel that runs the full length of the base’s centre. It takes about 30 minutes to assemble an iron base.

Upholstered Bases

Solid upholstered divan bases are popular, as they drop easily into a steel base frame. The upholstered bases supply top-quality support to a four post bed frame and can be used with any mattress type. Easy to assemble, the upholstered bases take about ten minutes to setup and install.

Four-poster beds typically measure about 207 centimetres from the floor to the top of a post or ball. Single bed designs in the UK are 91 centimetres x 190 centimetres. The double-sized beds are 137 centimetres x 190 centimetres, whilst king beds measure 152 centimetres x 198 centimetres. If you want to purchase a super king bed, it normally measures 183 centimetres x 198 centimetres in size.

Why Iron Forged Designs are Better

Therefore, you can find your ideal style with a new iron bed. Iron forged beds are the top choice for longevity, as well. When you own this type of sturdy bed, your bedroom suddenly emits a feeling of luxury and elegance. You also will not have to worry about replacing the bed anytime soon. Iron is hard and resilient, and therefore constitutes a frame that is well worth the money.

Added Drama

Additionally, the four posts at each of the bed’s corners add drama. They can support a canopy or simply add a design element to the décor, depending on wall colours or coverings. Historically, four-poster beds were designed for noblemen who wished to enjoy some privacy. As a result, early canopy designs were much more intricate.

Curtains used during the period kept the sleeper cool and protected from insects. Today, the four-poster design can be integrated into one of variously styled decors. When a bed is made of hand-forged iron, the furnishing creates a spectacular focal point for any bedroom’s décor. Review your options today or have a bed customised to your specifications.

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