Guidelines for Hiring a Stonemason


Stonemasons and bricklayers work with various materials, they are not just your run of the mill builders, they are artists in their own right. They work to create stunning pieces of brickwork which can make any property look incredible, but creating a feature using bricks can be a challenging task which requires highly skilled masons, so it is important to choose carefully when considering what company to hire for your project.

Before you contact a company:

Carry out some research on the different types of stone or bricks which can be used for your new project, there are several kinds of materials and some may be costly if you use them for a large project, other material might be better suited for the job. It is advisable to speak to a qualified stonemason as they can provide you with information about materials and the most appropriate type of brick or stone for your specific project.

  • If you are concerned about price, try to find other homes in your locality which have been bricked or stoned and speak to the owner about cost. Although you might find it difficult to come across a project exactly the same as yours, it will still help to talk and work out an estimation for your own development.

Get Multiple Quotes

Contact at least three stonemasons and ask them to come visit your premises, show them the area which you require renovated and ask them how much they project will cost. A professional stonemason will be able to give you multiple quotes and a variety of alternatives if you are not happy with initial estimates.

  • If the contractor seems disinterested or distant during their visit then it is better to avoid their company, you want to hire a stonemason who is professional and has an interest in your project.

Questions, Questions, and More Questions….

The more information you gather, the more informed you become, and if an issue arises you are better equipped to deal with it. If you are carrying out some interior design and require the services of a stonemason to create a new fireplace feature, ask them as many questions as you like about the material, design and other aspects of the build.

View Previous Projects

Once you have decided on a stonemason, ask the company can they provide you with references to projects they have completed in the area. It is beneficial to visit these developments to see how well they have been constructed, a professional masonry company should also have a variety of projects they have completed on their website, so you can easily view their work.

A contractor should know, and understand how important your home is, because many of them are homeowners. So, you should expect a professional, trustworthy service when they come to your home to carry out masonry work on your project.

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