Gorgeous Gardens in London


London is a great example of a modern city: fantastic skyscrapers, a bustling cultural and business scene, great transport links, and it’s simply massive.

But dotted around the capital are some amazing green spaces, from perfectly manicured palatial gardens down to small county parks.

We at Garden Club London love visiting new places, and reveling in all that mother nature has to offer, so we’ve put together a must-see collection of gardens in the international capital of culture. Get design inspiration from these luxe outdoor spaces, and recreate them in your very own back garden!  

Royal Botanical Gardens

Okay, so this one is technically inside Kew Gardens (which we cover later in the list), but it’s worthy of it’s own mention. Science is the name of the game here, and the Royal Botanical Gardens cultivate, catalogue, study, and share knowledge on flora, fauna, and fungi!

There is always something interesting to learn, an exhibition to see, or a botanist to chat to.   

Kensington Palace Gardens

Kensington Palace is a place of intrigue and politicking. At least in the 18th century. Royal women, courtiers, and even Queen Victoria have graced the walls of this historical building, so you can get a sense of how well-manicured the gardens are. Inspired by Italian frescoes and renaissance architecture, this will give you plenty of inspiration on how to landscape (with a smaller budget perhaps) your own garden.

Hampton Court Palace Gardens

Off with your head! If you’re a fan of British history, you will recognize Hampton Court as the famous home of King Henry VIII. Extravagant by nature, he was not one to shy away from putting on a show (and forming a church in his own image). He created the Hampton Court Palace Gardens to display his opulence as King. It currently sits at over 60 acres, and is a true testament to the Tudor King.

Buckingham Palace Gardens

You can’t talk about gardens in London without mentioning the glorious Buckinhgam Palace. It dominates tourism, and watching the changing of the guard is momentous, but if you have a chance to visit the gardens, you will be awestruck at how well maintained and peaceful this inner-city enclave can be.

Chelsea Physic Garden

Feeling puckish? Then head on over to the Chelsea Physic Garden. Established in 1673, this fabulous outdoor heaven was dedicated to cultivating plants with medicinal purposes. It still has over 5,000 varieties of medicinal, historic, and even edible plants! It’s fun for the whole family, and a great way to spend a lovely lackadaisical summers afternoon.

Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens is a real gem of a public space. Home to over 30,000 (that’s thirty THOUSAND) species of plants, a botanical garden, and breathtaking pavilions.

It also has a packed schedule of events, with everything from live performances by Jools Holland and his prodigious piano skills, to visits by the Prince of Wales and science exhibitions.

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