Good Carpet Cleaning Reduces The Health Issues


There is no need to think twice about the fact that carpet consists of dust, solid particles, allergens, fungi and many more. This is the reason for the houses without carpets especially in the house where kids live because kids sit on the carpets and can develop various respiratory health issues like asthma, allergic rhinitis etc. In order to avoid all these, parents do not want to keep carpets in their homes. Although the carpet can lead to severe health hazards but that does not means that one should not keep the carpets in the homes and instead, they should get the carpets cleaned on the regular basis. With this, 2 benefits can occur i.e., first is people can avoid health issues and secondly, people can make their houses look beautiful and elegant.

A regularly cleaned carpet is always safe and beautiful and reduces the health hazards due to fungi and allergens. A good and well maintained carpet consists of less contaminated particles, less allergens and less airborne particles which leads to diseases. So from the above facts still you are thinking that one should not carry carpets in the rooms or offices.

There are several kinds of service providers in the market for carpet cleaning like mount pleasant carpet cleaning and they provide the best facilities of carpet cleaning. Always choose a best service provider because a best service provider will use the best products for carpet cleaning. Secondly, the method of carpet cleaning followed by them would be quick and effective. A poor carpet cleaning professional can damage the fibres of the carpet due to the usage of harmful products. Most of the professionals follow dry carpet cleaning instead of wet carpet cleaning and find it more effective and best.

Why dry carpet cleaning us better than wet carpet cleaning-?

Primarily, wet carpet cleaning was followed instead of dry carpet cleaning. There were several disadvantages of wet carpet cleaning. So as to overcome this disadvantages of wet carpet cleaning, dry carpet cleaning was introduced. Another name of dry carpet cleaning is low moisture or less moisture carpet cleaning. Professional promised with the customers about the benefits of the dry carpet cleaning over the wet carpet cleaning. There are 3 major advantages of dry carpet cleaning which are as outlined below-

  • Better and effective performance as compared to wet carpet cleaning.
  • Saves time, which means that reduced drying time of dry carpet cleaning as compared to the wet carpet cleaning.
  • Reduced and less risk of damaging the carpet.

So basically, the dry carpet cleaning involves only 2 steps i.e., dry compound carpet cleaning and encapsulation.

In dry compound carpet cleaning- Eco-friendly cleaning compound is distributed all over the surface of carpet and then brushed into the carpet with the machines. These compounds absorb the dust particles present in the carpet.

In encapsulation- The attracted dust particles will remain attached to the cleaning compound and make polymers so these polymers can be removed easily with the machines. This is the quickest process of carpet cleaning.

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