Get the chimney fixed, for enjoying a cozy and comfy winters


Even though many other sources of heat are available, having a fireplace has its own charm. It adds to the ambience of the house in addition to giving the much needed heat during winters. Being a simple low tech instrument, it’s maintenance is often neglected mainly because many are not aware of the problems that can crop up eventually by doing so. Many certified professionals are available for chimney cleaning northern Virginia who can fix any type of chimney maintenance problems.

What is chimney inspection and why is it important?

Although chimney inspection can be done as a DIY home improvement project on a short term basis , but periodic inspection by a certified and licensed professional is more of a precautionary measure which can ensure the safety and stability of the fireplace  and increase its efficiency in the long run .Usually professionals doing chimney cleaning, inspect itat three levels. At level 1, a visual checkup of the fireplace and chimney is done for detecting any maintenance issues and accordingly cleaning is done along with suggestion of any further sweep. Level 2 is considered in the case of a major change occurred to the fire place due to weather calamities like tornado, or a new construct etc. This level of cleaning uses more technical equipment’s like close circuit cameras. Level 3 chimney cleaning northern Virginia is used in case of extreme damage like chimney fires, and involves more destructive and intrusive process of bringing down and rebuilding the chimney walls.

Fire places are designed for containing cozy fires while simultaneously getting rid of the by- products  like smoke, water vapour, gases, unburned wood particles, hydrocarbons, tar and other harmful substances thus formed during the process. During long and intense winters the chimney are often over worked, leading to these by products flowing to cooler places in the chimney. This causes the buildup of creosote in due time, which if not cleaned can cause flue blockages and sudden chimney fires. High levels of Cresote deposition is deadly which can decrease ventilation of the chimney leading to dangerous gases like carbon monoxide to back track its route into the house. This gas is considered a silent killer because it is an odorless and tasteless gas and difficult to detect and extremely hazardous. A half inch of Cresote can restrict about 17% of airflow. Cracks in the inner lining of the chimney or the flue area can also cause harmful gases backing into the house. In addition cracks in flue can cause extreme heating up of the chimney exteriors increasing the risks of chimney fires. These type of damages can be prevented by regular inspection and maintenance. Chimney inspection can detect any obstructions caused by external materials like animals, birds nest, moisture etc. and help free flow of harmful gases away from the chimney. Moisture is the biggest enemy of the chimneys as it can damage the masonry lining leading to chimney stability issues. To avoid these potential damages, it becomes extremely important to get the chimney system regularly repaired and maintained.

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