Four tips for successfully using round rugs


Round rugs are all the craze these days. But they can be difficult to decorate your room decor around. It’s a tricky job to incorporate them into your rooms character and includes taking into account, space, proportions of different elements in the room, colour, and even material of the rug and the rest of your decor. In this article, we give some tips you can use to make that tricky job easier.

The spotlight

A contrasting ​ round rug can be used to highlight a particular portion of the room or a piece of furniture. You can put a rightly sized rug under an armchair, or a chair and coffee table, or a coffee table and two chair set. Be sure to contrast the colour with that of the curtains and the chair cushions, otherwise the highlight might not work as well you expect. Also try to use a solid colour, avoiding patterns.

If you have white walls and floor, a darker value of grey might do the job, or if you’re willing to go for something louder, you could try cobalt blue, teal, or something like pine green. You’ll know a good example of a round rug used for the spotlight effect if you’ve ever seen a “Ted Talks” video. They use a round bright red rug on the stage in conjunction with an actual spotlight, sometimes without. It does a great job at setting a range of movement for the viewer’s eye, also directing where they should be.

Base for furniture

If you’re thinking of introducing a round rug in your living room or dining area, then it can work as a base, or holding ground for your furniture. Under a sofa set you can use a patterned rug with eastern motifs, woven in dark over a light base. One error that people often make in this approach is covering the furniture only partially. Be sure to choose a rug that covers the whole furniture area fully and still leaves a good one and a half to two feet of space extending outwards.

Furniture with curves

If you have a furniture with rounded forms and contours, like a round table dining set, then do not think twice about getting a round rug. You can place to act like a spotlight or a base as described earlier. Don’t forget to find one that is big enough to liberally canvas the whole furniture area.

Combine them right

If your sofa covers and curtains are made from natural fibers like linen, jute, or cotton then the choice of rug should also be limited to similar natural fibers. Same applies if you have synthetic fibres for the decor. Although, sometimes it’s okay to mix synthetic and natural fibers together, you should take into account their textures and light reflecting properties.

Now that you are armed with the knowledge, you can go ahead and confidently buy the right round rug and place it properly to enhance the look and feel of your room.

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