Four Perfect Smartphones Accessories for Running Fans


Sports fans usually realize that there will be no pleasant sports without quality sports clothing, comfortable running shoes, and customised phone accessories. Yes, you heard it right – phone accessories are very much appreciated by the runners. No one wants to be “out of coverage” or to run holding one’s phone in one’s hand.

mobilieji telefonai

We propose four phone accessories especially designed for those who cannot live without running:

  1. A phone case attached on your hand or waist

Because it is not convenient to hold your phone in your hand when running, we can propose you a variety of phone cases attached on hands or waist. We selecting the phone case, please pay attention whether it is a universal one, or suited for certain phone models only. As otherwise the phone might not fit into the case, or the case might be too big and the phone will shake when you run. It is very convenient to have a case with extra pockets for your keys, cash, or banking cards.

On our online shop, you will find phone accessories of various models, styles, and colours, and you will always find the one which suits your desires best of all.

Attached on your hand:

  • Sports-style case ACME MH08 for phones up to 5.7″ – two size options, rain-proof, convenient to use through a transparent screen.
  • Sports-style phone case Avento LED 21PQ – with blinking lights and light reflecting elements to improve your visibility at night, with openings of your earphones, and hand-touch screen.

Attached on your waist:

  • Sports-style case with a transparent windows for phones up to 4.7 inches, Celly black;
  • Sports-style case on your waist, Celly yellow.
  1. Wireless ear-set or wireless headset

When you do your sports (during running, cycling, or swimming), it is a real pleasure to listen to music. Here wireless phone accessories can be a perfect solution. You could select from wireless in-ear headsets or conventional headphones. Phone accessories are much advanced today and their manufacturers offer them with various big capacity batteries, good connection quality, and attractive design.

  • Wireless ear sets “Xiaomi Mi Sports Bluetooth 4.1” – white or black colour, operation time: 7 hours, conveniently shaped for your ears, resistant to sweat and rainwater.
  • “Gembird BHP-BER-W” headphones (Bluetooth) (white) – operation time: 15 hours, with adjustable hoop, and a convenient multifunctional key on the outside of the headphones.
  1. A small reserve power bank

If you like active sports, we suggest choosing a small reserve power bank. It shall be small to be able to attach to your hand or put into your pocket. Small power banks are note expensive at all – they can store so much energy as to supply the phone during all day, or even the whole week. This shall be more than enough for you!

  • A reserve power bank “Setty Mini Cube”, 4000mAh, white. Power bank price: 5 euros.
  • A reserve power bank “Remax Mini Tube”, 2600mAh, white. Power bank price: 7 euros.
  1. A smart bracelet

After synchronizing your smart bracelet with your phone or computer, you will have your personal coach. You could analyse your training sessions, and your health status. These phone accessories not only store data, but can also send various messages during your sports activities. Manufacturers offer a very wide range of such smart bracelets – from complete “sports-style” design up to classic ones suitable even for formal wear. When choosing the item, please have in mind this simple principle – the more functions the smart bracelet has, the more it would be expensive.

  • “Fitbit Charge 2”, black, size S – monitors your heart rate, reminds to move, controls your breathing sessions, it sends signals when you get a message or a call.
  • Xiaomi Amazfit 2 Stratos”, black – colour LCD touchscreen, water resistant, provides sports analysis, measures heart rate.

Do you enjoy your sports with some good music in the background? Do you want to test a workout you just watched on “YouTube”, but you do not have its record? You are waiting for an important call, but at the same time you want to go jogging? Do you like to analyse your workout data and to achieve even better results? In all such and similar situations phones and their accessories would help you a lot. Just take your phone case, wireless ear sets or headsets, your small power bank and smart bracelet, and you will be number one in running.

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