Five Common Garage Door Problems


When you go out to get your car in the morning, you don’t expect to have problems with the garage door. However, if the door hasn’t had regular servicing, then it could easily break down without warning. Here are five of the most common garage door problems.

Gets Stuck While Opening

Sometimes the garage door will get stuck when you’re trying to get it open. There can be several reasons why the door will not open all the way. Sometimes weather extremes can affect the lubricant on the wheel track and the wheels won’t roll so the door gets stuck. If the garage door was just installed, it may not have been hung correctly, which is one of the most common reasons for it to malfunction.

Another reason for the door to get stuck is a broken spring. This problem should be repaired by a professional garage door technician as the springs are tightly wound and could seriously injure someone if they are not properly handled. Uneven cables will also prevent the door from opening as it should.

Door Shimmies While Opening

Sometimes debris can get stuck in the wheel track when the garage door is left open. This can cause the door to open unevenly because the wheels may not be able to move properly due to the debris. Cleaning the track and lubricating it will usually solve this problem.

However, if the door still shimmies while opening, then the garage door opener could be going bad. Call a garage door technician to repair the opener so the door opens smoothly again.

Garage Door Doesn’t Stop

Modern garage doors have sensors to keep them from closing if they sense something beneath the door. This is to prevent the door from closing on someone and crushing them. If the sensors are out of alignment, then they will not be able to keep the door from closing.

In addition, if a spring is sprung or the cables are broken, then the door may not stop while closing. As this can pose a hazard to children, pets, and your car, you should call for garage door repairs in Chippenham to prevent an accident.

Loud Noises

When you hear loud sounds while the garage door is opening and closing, the solution is usually as simple as lubricating the wheel track. The loud squeaks or squeals are from the wheels trying to move on an unlubricated track or a track that is dirty. Cleaning the track and using a lubricant on it will quickly resolve the problem and you won’t need to contact a technician for repairs.

Opener Doesn’t Work

If you have a garage door opener and nothing happens when you push the remote’s button, then it probably needs new batteries. However, you can double-check the opener by using the button on the inside of the garage to open the door. If it works, then change the batteries in the opener.

If the garage door needs repairs, call a professional technician to safely repair the garage doors.

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