Finding the Best Rendering Supplier


Rendering is an essential process during the construction or renovation of any building. Basically, rendering involves the application of cement to the internal or external brick walls to achieve a smooth and textured surface. Rendering is a necessary step before paint can be applied on walls as it ensures that the surface on which the paint will be applied is smooth so that the paint won’t peel off. The process is also sometimes known as cement rendering or even solid plastering. Because of the complications involved, you shouldn’t attempt rendering by yourself. Instead, it’s better if you call in a professional plasterer to apply the render to the walls.

Why Is it Done?

Rendering offers plenty of tangible benefits: it greatly improves the waterproofing of the building as well as the fire rating and also adds a considerable amount of aesthetic appeal to the building. In many Mediterranean countries and throughout parts of Europe, the construction of a building isn’t considered complete until the building has been rendered. In Australia, the aesthetic beauty of rendering is now being rediscovered, as more and more homeowners now opt for rendering.

How Is it Done?

If you want to get your house or any other building rendered, you will first need to look for render suppliers in Melbourne. An experienced plasterer can get the rendering work done in a short amount of time and will also make sure that the job is done with care and precision. It’s important that you hire a professional for the job so that it will be completed within a specific amount of time. You should also negotiate the fee for the rendering work before you hire any person for the job.

The main ingredients used in making the plaster are cement, lime, and sand. Adding lime to the mixture gives it a creamier texture and makes it much more elastic, thus making it considerably less prone to cracking and very fine sand is used because the surface needs to be completely free of impurities. A trowel is used to apply the render in smooth, thin coats. A sponge or a hessian bag might also be used to get the right texture.

Can You Do it Yourself?

Many people are under the impression that rendering is a DIY job and can be completed on their own terms, however, that’s not entirely true. You need to make sure that the plaster is applied uniformly on the walls, and that’s a very difficult objective. A professional plasterer knows how to get the work done, and with the years of experience that they have under their belts, it’s much easier for them to do a professional job. While the professional plasterer will charge a fee for their services, it’s a good choice to hire an experienced plasterer for the job. You can search online for reputable rendering product suppliers throughout the city and buy the products as recommended by the plasterer so that the job is completed on time.

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