Expert Tips For Designing a Home Office


With most people having busy schedules and some working from home, it makes sense to have a home office that’s more than just a dining table. The need for a stylish, well-organized and functional office space has become a necessity in most of our homes. That being said, we have listed a few important expert tips to get your home office functional and good looking.

The Location

You are most certainly going to spend hours in your office and so, the last thing you want is a stiff space. You need to consider your ability to consider distractions and traffic flow as well. Should your home office be tacked in a quiet place or are you at your best in the thick of activity? If people will be stopping by, you may want to have a private space with adequate seating.

Never Sacrifice Form for Function

Your desk,top window shelf,storage, and space should serve you and not the other way round. You need to consider your workflow as well as the items you require before investing in anything and then look for furniture that is both appealing and practical. Home office furniture needs to complement the other rooms in your home, rather than making your cubicle soulless. If your house has traditional decor, soft, warm and comfy wooden chairs are perhaps the best. For a contemporary decor, modern metal furniture and artistic pieces would be ideal.

Choose the Right Desk and Chair

Regardless of your job, having an ideal desk space can make the difference between pleasure and pain. If you have the space, a large open desk is excellent to work on, particularly if you are spreader. Desk drawers are ideally beneficial for keeping your stationery.

Some individuals prefer a desk and shelving that match in order to create a more cohesive and organized look. Others like to go for a funky designer look. Regardless of what you may fancy, a clear surface will always make you feel organized.

Lend Yourself A View

It is wise to position your desk where you can glare at something more interesting than a blank wall when your eyes are not on the monitor. Natural light from a window is perfect, but if you happen to be in a windowless room, you can position your chair to face the door, or hang an appealing picture above the desk.

Paint the Colors you Like

You need to paint a color that gets you in the working mood, so forget the office beige. Some individuals feel motivated with bright colors such as orange, green or lime, while others are at their best with a calming tone like seafoam blue or floral green. You can find out more on how particular colors affect your mood and then make a selection from there.

Sorting out The Paperwork

There are numerous ways to organize that dreaded paperwork and there are plenty of storage options, depending on what works for you. If you have a lot of magazines, then magazine holders can be ideal for you. They allow you to keep all your paperwork in an organized manner and makes it easily accessible. They ideally come in an array of colors, thus keeping your theme consistent.

A filing cabinet is also ideal if you want easy-to-access storage. The internal dividers allow you to separate your paperwork into groups, whether it is tax information, car bills or children’s school information. There’s ideally a wide range of excellent filing cabinets out there that will match your home decor as well.

If you do not have the room, a small filing tray is an excellent option. It allows you to store your paperwork in a neat manner, and you can also add style and color as well.

Pick Homey Accessories

Unless you want to go with a contemporary look, you should pick extras that add a homey touch to your office. Things like a pretty mug for holding your pens, a decorative wastebasket, trendy sticky notes, and notepads will be excellent for that. Hang inspirational pictures on the walls, hide utilitarian bookshelves behind curtains and wrap the bulletin board in an appealing fabric.

Master Your Technology

Not much can be done in order to beautify things like the computer, phone, and printer, but you may have unsightly cords. Begin by ensuring that your equipment is near the outlets and easy to access if you want to unplug. Encase the cords in a beautiful fabric cover and feed them into a desk grommet, a metal or plastic cap that helps guide them through a hole in your desk and hides them underneath. Proper cable management is essential for any good looking home office.

Get the Right Storage

It is of paramount importance to have a place to store your things. If you are organized, open shelving with properly arranged rows of files and books will lend a designer store display look. However, if you live in entropy, having shelves behind closed doors is certainly the best choice. You can even stick the reminders and calendar on the inside of the doors so that you do not have to be so neat.


You will want your home office has adequate light in order to reduce eye strain and unnecessary headaches. Position the computer monitor in a manner that ensures there is no glare from a hanging light or window. You should also consider putting a small lamp on the desk for task lighting.

Organize Horizontally and Vertically

Utilizing space efficiently is important when it comes to designing a home office. Use vertical file folders on the desk to store important documents within an arm’s reach and hang floating shelves on the wall in order to get equipment and papers off your desk. If you are a stacker, you can get a nice-looking basket to pile your papers, notes, and mail. If you like everything clean, you should designate a drawer for your important papers. Metal or wooden cube storage is an ideal alternative to bookshelves as each space can be used for books or knickknacks.

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