Essential Maintenance Tasks to Prepare Your Home for the Spring Season


After a long cold winter, get ready for the warmth and sunshine. Spring is fast approaching. Prepare your home for the spring season. Take care of the exterior and interior parts of your home. Check these simple tips to welcome the beautiful warm season.

Clean your home

The interiors of the house need a thorough cleaning during spring. Clean your windows and ceiling fans. Do proper dusting of all the window sills and upholstery. Also clean your fireplaces which would have been used over those long winters. Clean the screens of the windows. Use a handy vacuum cleaner to get rid of the cob webs and use a garden hose to clean it with water. Allow it to dry before installing it back on the windows.

Furnish your patio

If you have a nice patio or balcony, you are lucky enough to spend that beautiful season relaxing outdoors. Make maximum use of these spaces by furnishing them with nice furniture. This way you can enjoy the outdoors. Make sure you choose the right furniture for the patio. Do not select oversized furniture which would clutter the space. Have plants in the balcony. If you have less space, try out vertical plantation.

One important aspect many homeowners tend to overlook is the usage of fans in the patio. Remember that you should install a fan specifically designed for outdoor weather conditions. There are different types of outdoor fans available but the two major categories are wet rated and damp rated fans. If you are installing a ceiling fan in a pergola location, your exterior fan may get wet from rainfall and will require a wet rated ceiling fan. These are sealed properly to withstand the rain water falling directly on them.

Remove those heavy rugs

Rugs are not necessary for those warm months. Take out all the carpets and rugs. It’s best to keep the floor bare, but if at all you’d like to have something on the floor, opt for lighter carpets. With all the natural light coming in, all the stains and marks will be visible. Clean all the carpets and rugs; you can either do it yourself or make use of rug cleaning services.

Look after your garden

Spring is the time to take care of your garden. Get those garden hoses and equipment fixed and ready. Clean the dry leaves and debris with a rake and plan for a nice garden. Wash those pavement areas which might have got dirty due to ice and snow. Start planning for a good lawn. Remove all the unwanted weeds from the garden. Use a good herbicide to get rid of these weeds. Use a nice fertilizer to your lawn. This would help the growth of existing grass on the lawn.

Prep your HVAC system

It’s time to review your heating, ventilation and air-conditioning units. Ensure that the air filters are cleaned or replace them with new ones. Service the air conditioning equipment. Check if it is in working condition as you’ll need air conditioning machine during this season. Check for damages in wiring and compressor tubes. Clean it up properly, especially if it was not used in winter.

Fix the cracks

Fix the cracks that have appeared in your pathway or patio. You could have seen cracks during winters. This is the best season to fix those cracks. It will reduce your maintenance task and payments after the spring rain. Make sure the patios and pathways have enough slopes which will not allow the water to pool up near the foundations. Check for cracks in the foundation areas and external walls. If you find any issues, contact your contractor to get them fixed.

Just like the cracks on the walls, check for gaps in windows. These gaps can let water in. Repair these windows and also check for wooden sills for decay.

Clear the gutter

Take a ladder and check for any debris in the gutter. If the winters were very strong then you would have faced heavy snow and storm that would have brought down tree limbs from the yard. This is the time to check for the debris and clean them up. You can use the garden hose to remove the extra dirt with water.

Move away the winter junk

Move away the junk and firewood that you have collected in the winter. This allows breeding of mosquitoes and other bugs. The ice that would start melting near the wood logs etc. would dampen the area and make it a breeding haven for bugs. Clear them right away and keep the area clean.

Check the pool

One important task would be to check the pool. Remove the cover and do a quick assessment of water levels. Make sure that the pump is in working condition. If required, get a professional to check the working of the pool.

Inspect the kids play area

Inspect the outdoor play equipment. With the onset of sunshine, children would love to try out games outdoors. Make sure there are no damages to slides and other equipment. Check the chains and ropes on the swings. With the heavy snow, the metal surfaces might have got rusted. Ensure that the surface below the slides and swings are dry and safe.

It’s also important to review the safety of your home. Check if the fire alarms are working; have the alarm batteries replaced if required. Make sure the electrical wiring is good and electrical fittings like fans and lights are in good working condition.

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