Does Your Washing Machine Need Repair


A washing machine or cooker can be expensive to replace, which is why it pays to know who to call if you need any type of appliance servicing. By using a company that provides a full line of repair services, you can be assured that you can keep your costs low and maintain the functioning of your machines.

Types of Machines

Choose a company that offers repairs for various types of appliances. That way, you can rely on one company to keep your home’s appliances running and maintained. Repair services should include taking care of such machines as the following:

  • Electrical cookers
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Dryers
  • Dishwashers
  • Cooker hoods
  • Washing machines

Is Your Washing Machine Noisy?

One of the common domestic appliance repairs in Essex involves washing machines. This appliance gives you some strong indicators if it needs repairs. For example, if the machine is making some unwarranted sounds, you need to have the appliance fixed. Usually, any grumbling sounds result from imbalanced loads or an issue with the motor.

If water does not fill the drum of the machine, you may have a twisted hose or a clog in the filter. In some cases, the hot or cold water taps are not operational. If any of these issues cannot be addressed, you need to contact a qualified service professional right away.

Does the Washing Machine Agitate?

In some cases, the water fills the drum but the machine will not agitate. If a problem exists, it may have to do with a broken belt. If the belt is intact, the machine may be experiencing an internal failure that can only be resolved by repairing the machine.

Sometimes repair people are called out when the drum in the washer will not rotate. If the drum is not spinning, a bad lid switch or broken belt may be the reason. If the lid switch is broken, it should be fixed by a service technician as this type of repair involves extensive work.


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