Does Your Heat Exchanger Need to be repaired


What do you think do you use your heat exchanger for? If you have a furnace at home, then this may be the primary heat exchanger that you use. You know how your furnace worked when it was still new or when it was recently cleaned. Take a look at your furnace now. Is it working the way that it should? If it has been a while since you last paid attention to it, chances are it is not working very well. You either need to have it repaired or if the problems go beyond repair, you need to have it replaced very soon.

Your heat exchangers normally contract when they are used so if it is the first time that you have observed this feature, it should not cause you any concern. As long as you have purchased an exchanger that is made with good quality materials, it is expected to last for a long time. What about cheap exchangers then? They may work great in the beginning but the repairs will be more rampant. Even if you have a quality exchanger, you still need to have it checked from time to time. How will you check correctly if you do not know what to look for?

The first thing that you have to look for is the flame that your furnace is producing. For new furnaces, you know that the flame is going to be constant and will only stay in one place. For furnace that are old or would need to be repaired, the flame of the furnace will dance around within the area. In fact, the flame may change colour too. You know that your furnace needs to be checked if the flame is already yellow or orange colored.

The second sign that there is something wrong with your furnace is if the carbon monoxide alarm that you have at home keeps on going off even if you are not cooking or using anything. This is a sure sign that there is something wrong with your furnace. Turn the furnace off immediately and have it checked by professionals. Carbon monoxide is a type of gas that you will not smell but it is toxic and can kill people within a few minutes or even hours. If you do not have a carbon monoxide alarm yet, now is the time for you to invest in it. You should have one for every floor of your house so that you can determine from where the carbon monoxide is coming from.

If in case your heat exchanger would need to be replaced, you need to search for a company that will be able to provide all of your needs. You can check out AIC Heat Exchanger Canada for quality parts and for replacements that you can trust.

Even if you feel that your furnace is working fine because of the way that it looks on the outside, remember that the corrosion is always going to start from the inside. Turning it on may not be safe for you and the rest of your family anymore. Will you wait for an accident to occur before you consider checking out its air to air heat exchanger function?

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